White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes thisisasweetblog.blogspot.com
It seems like the terrible heat decided that it is enough of mockery. At least it decided to take a timeout for a couple of days. Plus meteorologists forecast decrease of temperature to 20-25 degrees Celsius.  This is the most joyful news lately, really I haven’t been so glad about anything during this week! And I  dunno if it was possible to survive without an air-conditioner. (thank you Willis Carrier for one of the most necessary inventions of the contemporary society!).

Fortunately, summer is about to leave us for one more year. A lot of people don’t get me when they find out I don’t like summer. For most people summer associates with ice cream, lazy pool days, beach parties and a lot of travelling. For me summer is – terrible heat, that doesn’t allow to go outside (only if you own a portable air-conditioner,…hmm…if such a thing even exist!? I wish!))). Also I am sun allergic and I can not allow myself spend too much time in the sun. Which means I can never get a proper bronze tan and being milky-white is not the cutest thing (me wearing shorts is so not sexy!). On the other hand I am like a Snow White, but the hair style is different)).

So…I was saying that I am not a summer girl. My favorite time of the year is spring and autumn. They have never met, but they are so alike…in beauty, in gentle sun, in warm days and chilly nights. Yeaaahh…this is definitely my type of weather. I like it. No extremes in weather. 

That is why I am so desperately looking forward to autumn.

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes thisisasweetblog.blogspot.com

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes thisisasweetblog.blogspot.com

And for now I’ve been saving myself with ice cream and chilling drinks. Like this one Sangria. White wine, peach, lime, mint, sparkling lemonade and fresh raspberries. Together they make something special…….summery and very refreshing. Especially i like the lime notes! Fruit ice cubes make a stunning presentation and also they dilutes the drink less. 

Okay, there is particularly nothing to do, just to stir all ingredients together and to make fruit ice cubes a several hours before. I have also made a GIF for you. (loooooong GIF!) It is not long enough to make a video, but longer than a usual GIF. I had some fun shooting it)).

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes thisisasweetblog.blogspot.com

White Peach & Lime Sangria

2 white peaches, sliced (any other kind of peaces or nectarines can work well) 

1 bottle (750 ml ) dry white wine, chilled

2 cups sparkling lemonade (I used  peach flavored), chilled

fruit ice cubes (see below)

fruits and berries of your choice (here will go well peaches and raspberries)

  1. Begin with  making the ice cubes. Place sliced peaches (one slice per compartment) and / or raspberries in ice-cube trays, add water and freeze. 
  2. In a pitcher combine peaches, lime and mint. Muddle gently with the back of the wooden spoon to release fruit and mint juices. Add some of the fruit ice cubes. Add wine and sparkling lemonade and stir to combine. 
  3. To serve, place remaining fruit ice cubes in cups, divide Sangria among them. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

Note. To get the most juice from the lime, before slicing put the whole lime on a cutting board and roll it back and forth with a palm of your hand.

Xo Xo!

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