Valentine’s Day Cupcakes: Heart Top Cupcakes

Whew! Already on cupcake #3 for my mini Valentine’s Day cupcake series! The last two can be seen in my previous posts. So far, I feel like they’ve been so much fun, super gorgeous, but still attainable for the first-time home baker. 

This one is no exception! It’s probably one of the easiest, and has such a unique look. I love how they look, and most of all – how they tasted with that extra dust of powdered sugar on top. 

This one doesn’t require any extra equipment, really. Just a heart cutter. Make sure it’s smaller than the size of the top of the cupcake. I found a set for under a dollar at Walmart, and have used it for so many things so far. Instead of frosting the top of the cupcake, these are frosted just underneath the top layer. The heart cutter helps give the peek-a-boo look in the top. The colder the cupcake is when you slice it, the better. Let’s dive in! All the instructions are below, I hope you love these! 

Heart Top Cupcakes


Cupcakes (very cold works best)

Colored Buttercream

Powdered Sugar


Cookie heart cutter


offset icing spatula

sieve or sifter

parchment paper


1. Slice the “muffin top” off the top of the cupcakes. Wherever the cake comes up over the cupcake is where I slice it. Use the heart cutter to cut a heart into the center of the cupcake top. Set aside. 

2. Frost the cupcake bottom, smooth out the top with the icing spatula for a flat look. Set aside. 

3. Dust each cupcake top with powdered sugar (if doing this in advance, and refridgerating the cupcake, I would wait for this step until right before serving. The powdered sugar dust disappears in the fridge off the cupcakes!). Then place the dusted cupcake top on each cupcake. 

Source: Baking with Blondie

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