S’mochi: When it feels right

I know people find this hard to believe, but in my daily life, there are more situations where I feel awkward and out of place than feel at home. I sometimes tell myself that I was not meant for the outside world, as the place where I am happiest is often in the four walls of my home, most specifically in my office (like right now) or in the kitchen (like in a few minutes.)

It’s part of the reason I tend to gravitate towards the same places to eat meals, the same friends’ homes to hang out, the same routines, and the same route to school.  I feel awkward and out of place more often than not in the outside world but I understand who I am and that I have my own idiosyncrasies.  That being said, I try hard not to let my desire to be comfortable stop me from pushing myself when I’m uncomfortable.  I know I grow when I stretch myself, but I also give myself permission to retreat back into my hole.

I do find myself finding unexpected moments of feeling right and in the proper place.  Today, while volunteering at school, Son’s teacher asked me to direct the kids in a particular activity, so I had a chance to sit in a circle of kids and discuss a book.  Scrunched up on the floor with 13 kids looking on was a great experience and it made me smile.  And it caught me off guard, that surrounded by tiny kids, on a floor, talking about a book impromptu could make me so at peace.  It felt so right.

This little tasty bite is another one of those unexpected feel-so-right moments.  It definitely caught me off guard as it seemed to be in concept, a conflict between the best of east and west; delicious, melty chocolate, and soft squishy mochi have no business being smooshed together between two crunchy graham crackers but suddenly – one bite?  It feels just right.  It feels perfect.  It feels comfortable.

It’s simple to execute but the result is a not-too-sweet, gooey, chewy, yummy something that makes all that is awry in the world straighten up.  I was inspired by this pic  but took it my own direction.  It’s the kind of thing you can easily make only one of or you can make a bunch of without much struggle.

These were the mochi that I found at my local Japanese market.

Makes 3 (but just as easily you can make 1 or 6)

3 graham crackers, broken in half (I found a knife made cleaner cuts than trying to rely on simply breaking)
3 pieces of hard mochi
45 semisweet chocolate chips (15 chips per s’mochi)
1 teaspoon cooking oil

In a fry pan over medium heat add oil.  Add unwrapped mochi and cook for about 3 minutes on each side, or until it is golden and puffed up and squishy.

While mochi is cooking, place chocolate chips on top of graham crackers.  Add hot mochi on top of chocolate chips.  Allow mochi to melt chocolate chips for about 30 seconds, and then squish the graham cracker on top.

Open your mouth and take a huge bite.

Printable recipe

S’mochi S’more S’il-vous-plait

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