Simple White Milk Pudding Recipe

White Milk Pudding Recipe Simple with fresh jelly. Ok now we present the secret of how to make special dish pudding with a variety of ordinary ingredients. As a dessert, pudding is loved because it has a soft texture and usually tastes fresh, especially if you add fruit, such as mango, strawberry or others. Children will also really like this White Milk Pudding food because it tastes sweet & savory from white milk, of course they fight and want to add more uhuuyy (be prepared to make a lot of it to be satisfied).

Milk Pudding Recipe
White Milk Pudding keeps it simple

You can compare this simple white milk pudding with delicious chocolate pudding recipe vla, each person at home has their own taste, but it tends to be that the chocolate flavor is most often asked to make it and is forced to make it. With honest words they said “This one is better, hmm”, hmmm I want that. ok mom and sis, just look at the recipe for how to make this simple white milk pudding according to RECIPES4.

How to Make a Special Simple White Milk Pudding

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This recipe is also How to cook White and Simple Milk Pudding, it’s not complicated to be relaxed when making it, but the impact will be extraordinary when this food is served after a big meal to our guests or family members, especially small children, yess.

Description of the recipe:

Preparation time Cooking time Total Cooking Portion
10 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 10-15 Person

Milk pudding recipe ingredients

  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 liter UHT liquid white milk
  • 1 pack of white jelly
  • 3 glasses of water
  • 5 tablespoons of white sugar
  • 1 teaspoon almond flavored essence
  • Enough of any Cocktail
  • Enough nata de coco

recipe How to make Simple White Milk Pudding

  1. – First all the above ingredients are mixed and cooked, remember !! You have to keep stirring so that the milk or sugar doesn’t stick to the pan
  2. – If it looks like it has started to boil, just remove it, wait for 5 minutes and add the almond essence.
  3. – If it’s a bit cold, you put it into small molds, whatever shape it takes, according to taste
  4. – Let it freeze and put nata de coco and cocktails on top as a sweetener or topping for this Simple Milk Pudding. it’s done White Milk Pudding Recipe.

Pudding Recipe Nutrition Information:

Calories Fat Protein Cholesterol
104 kcal 2.3 g 3.5 g 31 mg

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Hopefully all is successful with the White Milk Pudding and has a special taste in your family’s heart. don’t forget to make it frozen or very cold, because this food will be very tasty. Even if you don’t use Vla, you can create your own for it, for example, sprinkled with strawberry sauce, caramel or vanilla sweet chocolate milk, which do you prefer?, complicated or simple? ok warm greetings as a closing word Milk Pudding recipe the white Simple this article.

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