Simple Eid Mubarak Recipes for Entertaining Guests

Apart from being synonymous with cooking opor and vegetable ketupat, Eid al-Fitr is also synonymous with hospitality activities. Each host whose residence is visited will usually not only serve various cakes, but also present various Eid recipes.

You don’t have to present a variety of complicated Eid recipes, serving simple Eid recipes can also be done. Therefore, for those of you who don’t have much time to prepare food, this simple Eid Al-Fitr menu for entertaining guests can be an idea and inspiration for serving at your residence. Let’s check the information!

Simple Eid Al-Fitr Recipes

Who says Eid al-Fitr must always serve various dishes made from meat, whether it’s beef, fish or chicken? You don’t have to!

Any dish can be served at the moment of Eid because actually the moment of Eid is not about what food is served to guests but the moment of gathering and sorry – sorry.

If perhaps you have guests who are allergic to meat, have a history of cholesterol, or want to serve dishes that are not meat, here are some ideas for simple Eid recipes that are recommended to be served:

1. Pumpkin vegetable recipe

There’s nothing wrong with serving processed vegetables on Eid al-Fitr. Especially if guests, family or relatives are tired of eating meat, this food will look even more tempting.

How to make it like what?

Pumpkin ingredients

Prepare the main ingredients consisting of:

  • 600 grams of chayote pumpkin, cleaned then cut into lengths
  • Shallots 20 cloves, thinly sliced
  • Garlic 10 cloves, thinly sliced
  • Galangal 5 cm, bruised
  • Lemongrass 1 stick, bruised
  • Bay leaves 2 pieces
  • Orange leaves 2 pieces
  • 3 large red chilies, remove the contents and then slice obliquely
  • 3 large green chilies, remove the contents and slice obliquely
  • Cooking oil 5 tablespoons
  • Coconut milk ½ liter
  • Shrimp 50 grams, soak in hot water and drain
  • Quail eggs 18-20 grains, boiled and peeled then set aside
  • Young Kapri 100 grams, clean
  • Salt to taste

Prepare the ground spices from the following ingredients:

  • Red chilies 5-7 pieces
  • Salt to taste
  • If you like spicy, cayenne pepper / devil chili 3-5 pieces

How to make pumpkin vegetables

  • First, process the chayote by sprinkling salt on the chayote and then squeezing it until it is slightly wilted
  • Rinse the squash that has been squeezed earlier using clean water then drain
  • Sauté the shallots and garlic until they smell fragrant
  • Add the ground spices, galangal, lemon grass, bay leaves and lime leaves
  • Stir until smooth and until cooked
  • Add the chili pieces and then stir again until cooked
  • Bring the coconut milk to a boil, add the sautéed spices
  • Add shrimp and quail eggs, then cook until the coconut milk boils
  • Add chayote, peas and stir evenly
  • Remove and then serve

2. Boiled egg recipe

As a companion to pumpkin vegetables, you can provide other side dishes, one of which is boiled eggs. The rich taste of spices will make eating more enjoyable.

Boiled egg ingredients

Main ingredients required:

  • 10 chicken eggs, boiled and then peeled
  • Teabag 1 piece to give a dark color to the eggs
  • Lemongrass leaves 1 stem, bruised
  • Bay leaves 2 pieces
  • Galangal 4 cm, bruised
  • Sweet soy sauce 2 teaspoons
  • Water 500 ml

Also prepare ground spices consisting of:

  • Shallots 4 cloves
  • Garlic 2 cloves
  • Granulated sugar 1 teaspoon
  • Salt 2 teaspoons

How to make boiled eggs

After all the ingredients are prepared, here’s how to make the boiled eggs:

  • Boil water with all the ground spices until boiling
  • Add the boiled eggs and stir continuously until the water runs out and until the spices seep into the eggs
  • When it boils and the water is reduced, remove the eggs and serve

3. Recipe for spicy petai shrimp sauce

Shrimp is indeed the king of seafood. Many people really like this one food ingredient. You can also serve it at the moment of Eid.

To make the spicy petai shrimp sauce, the method is also very easy. What materials are needed?

The ingredients for the spicy petai shrimp sauce

  • Shrimp 750 grams, remove the head and tail then peel the skin
  • Petai 10 pieces, split into two parts
  • Garlic that has been mashed 5 cloves
  • Ginger 1 cm, bruised
  • Tomato 1 fruit, puree
  • 5 red chilies, the contents of which have been removed, puree
  • Cayenne pepper / devil chili 5-7 pieces (optional)
  • Shallots 3 cloves that have been mashed
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Enough water
  • Oil to taste

How to make Spicy Petai Shrimp Sambal

How to make a spicy petai shrimp chili recipe as follows:

  • heat the oil
  • Saute ground spices until fragrant aroma
  • Add the petai, salt and sugar
  • Stir fry until evenly distributed
  • Add a little water and wait until it is cooked
  • Serve the chili while it’s warm

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So little information that we can share regarding Eid recipes that are recommended to be served for families or even entertaining guests. Good luck!

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