Shrimp and Guacmole: GIVEAWAY

The awesome and generous folks at Skyhorse Publishing contacted me asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing a cookbook or two and offered to sponsor a giveaway of not one, not two, not three but FIVE copies of the cookbook Seafood: Specatcular Recipes for Every Season by Par-Andrews Bergqvist and Andres Engvall.   I excitedly said yes, and within a few days my beautiful book arrived.

Every cookbook tries to come up with an interesting take on their idea or with a new twist, and this book did a few things that really appealed to me.  First, the entire book is based on seafood – shrimp, fish, shellfish – the entire ocean in a book.  In addition, the book has 52 recipes – one for each week of the year, organized by seasons.  (First week in January, you cook the first recipe, and so on and so forth.)  The prime season of the fish or seafood in question is paired with the correct week of the year, which means your dish most definitely will test better, especially if you go for fresh fish.

The other fun twist is that with each dish, they offer a music pairing – rock music to be exact.  These two gentlemen love music and want their readers and cooks to rock out while cooking an awesome meal.  The pictures are gorgeous with fun modern ways to present food and each recipe has a photograph to accompany the dish.  The cookbooks that provide all the pictures with the dishes are personally a big favorite with me.

Upon looking at the book, I was immediately both intrigued and cautious as there were fish I had never heard the names of and lush pictures of preparations I had never considered.  I looked through the book and came upon a recipe that seemed at the same time familiar yet different.  This dish paired shrimp with guacamole and tortilla chips and suddenly that sounded like the ultimate delicious appetizer.  I made the dish with a couple of twists of my own (didn’t have time to fry my own tortilla chips, and made my version of guacamole) but the end result – crispy chips, lush and rich guacamole, and garlicy herby shrimp was a taste combo I had never ever considered.  The book is filled with 51 other unusual recipes (Including one where fish is paired with yellow pumpkin, another combo I’d never considered.)

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