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Sate Maranggi Recipe Purwakarta Dr. Beef. I often see maranggi satay so I want to know how to make this dish, RECIPE 4 tried to process it & it worked quite well.
Sate maranggi This typical West Java Admin often encounters at roadside stalls, this Purwakarta city special dish is quite famous in the city & its surroundings. The question is, what’s the difference with regular satay??, it turns out that it’s none other than the seasoning, made from soy sauce which has a mixed taste of sweet, sour and spicy.

Sate Maranggi Recipe
Sate recipe typical of Maranggi, Purwakarta, beef

Usually this taste is quite liked by any Indonesian tongue, read history maranggi satay and how to make original maranggi satay. But there are several sources who say that Maranggi beef satay comes from the city of Cianjur, West Java, Hmm, I don’t know, it’s important from where it’s delicious. Here’s a look at the presentation RECIPES4.

Delicious Satay Maranggi Purwakarta Recipe

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SATAY !!! already know that this food ingredient is meat, it can be mutton, beef, chicken, etc., but the maranggi beef satay is made from beef, it is very tasty and the texture is very soft when you bite it and enjoy it, don’t believe it?, so follow it how to make maranggi satay we.

Description of satay recipe:

Time for preparation Time to cook Ttl Cooking time Portion
2 Hours 10 Minutes 15 minutes 2 Hours 25 Minutes 5 Person

The main ingredient

  • 300 grams of Beef
  • Adequate beef fat
  • Sufficient Sweet Soy Sauce
  • A few papaya leaves
  • Sufficient skewers

Ground spices maranggi satay recipe

>7 red onions
>6 pieces of garlic
> 1 piece of ginger
>1/2 segment of laos
>1 teaspoon coriander
>1/2 turmeric finger
>1/2 teaspoon salt
>1 tablespoon brown sugar/java

Pickle Ingredients

>2 fruit tomatoes, cut into small dice
> To taste the basil leaves, pick the leaves
> Sufficient cayenne pepper, cut into small pieces
>a little sugar

– Mix all pickle ingredients

Instructions on how to make maranggi satay purwakarta

  1. – First, you grind all the spices and ingredients, and apply it to the beef evenly.
  2. – Now bro, neatly arrange the papaya leaves, then arrange the pieces of the spiced meat on top of the papaya leaves, wrap it neatly and leave it for 2 hours.
  3. – After 2 hours have passed, pierce the seasoned beef one by one with a skewer of satay (don’t forget to stab the fat too).
  4. – Next, roast / roast beef satay over coals, back and forth and spread with sweet soy sauce, Bake until cooked. finished recipe how to make sate maranggi

Nutritional Information Sate Maranggi Recipe :

Calories Fat Protein Cholesterol
484 kcal 26.8 g 40.1 g 121 mg

If you are done with making the pickled tomatoes, it means that everything is done, all you have to do is just eat the Maranggi beef satay, together with dry grilled sticky rice, with oncom sauce / also lead rice, please add it to this Maranggi Sate Recipe. RECIPE 4 recommendation soy sauce goat & goat satay we.

Tips and tricks for beef or goat tenderization; as seen in position nr.2, only enough meat wrapped in fresh papaya leaves for 2 hours (don’t take too long, it’s really soft, it won’t taste good later). Okay, sis / bun, try it maranggi satay recipe Delicious Purwakarta.

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