Rice Cake Recipe

Rice Cake Recipe – My quarantine has opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life that I want to adjust to when this is all over. One of them is the amount of food waste in my home. I have a million excuses as to why this is happening, but I realize now that it has to change. So this quarantine has become an opportunity to make changes in this way. To be resourceful and creative and use what we have on hand instead of going for more and more.

Let’s start with rice. I’m sure you’ve all been in my shoes. You have a tupperware in your fridge with leftover rice, or maybe a box or two of takeout. The problem is that what was once hot, soft and fluffy has now become hard, starchy and deeply unpleasant. It’s tempting to just dunk it in the compost.

Rice Cake Recipe

Rice Cake Recipe

Well, I have a solution for you! You can turn your hard old rice into the most delicious crispy rice cakes!! I did these the other day on Instagram story (saved the story to my highlight reel by the way) and many people have asked me to post this on the blog to make it easier to follow. So here!

Almond Butter Rice Cakes 4 Ways

Notes- I used leftover short grain white rice, otherwise known as glutinous rice. I seasoned them with sesame and green onion. I think that ginger would be lovely too. We ate these with a dipping sauce, but honestly they would be delicious with shrimp, pork, or spicy tuna or salmon. I could try filling them! A perfect snack or super easy lunch recipe, these Ranch and Veggie Rice Cakes are easy, quick, healthy and perfect for moms and kids!

I’m a snacker. Every time I sit down to set myself health goals, I always know that snacking is my number one priority. Not that snacking in itself is bad, but when I’m hungry, especially if I don’t have time to make myself a meal, I end up grabbing whatever I can find. Sometimes it’s a bag of chips, sometimes it’s a handful of crackers. However, most of the time it is not healthy.

I’ve been trying to get better by prepping veggies and keeping them handy in the fridge. This is great, except sometimes it’s just hard to eat regular vegetables. As much as I’d like to, I’m not a person who craves vegetables alone and can just snack on them all day. I love dip though and always have a container of Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip in the fridge.

But have you seen these Marzetti snack-sized packets of Ranch Veggie Dip? I am so in love with them! Not only are they the perfect size for the kids’ school lunches, but I can also grab a bag of veggies and dip on the go for a snack when my life seems to be about running my kids around. They’re the perfect size at 1.5 ounces each and make great snacks

Ssuk Beomul (korean Mugwort Rice Cake)

A lot easier! They have the same Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip that I love – I love how creamy it is and that it’s made with real cream.

Now let’s take things a step further. My sister mentioned this idea to me and I was shocked. These Ranch and Veggie Topped Rice Cakes take that veggie and ranch idea but make it a little more substantial. These are great as a snack or even a great lunch. Marzetti Ranch Snack Packs are the perfect amount to make two rice cakes, so they’re perfect for when you’re craving a snack.

I love that there really are no rules here! Start with a rice cake. I’ve been loving rice cakes as a snack lately, especially since there are so many different flavors these days. I used a white cheddar rice cake, but I had sun dried tomato rice cakes that would be fantastic. Even plain rice cakes would be great – lots of flavor on top!

Rice Cake Recipe

Another ingredient is Marzetti Ranch Veggie Dip. Not only does this help everything stay together, but it adds so much flavor!

The Answer To The 3pm Cravings… Healthy Ricecake Snacks

Then come the vegetables! This allows you to be creative with what you like or what’s in your fridge. I’ve often sliced ​​vegetables already in the fridge, so this is seriously ready in less than 5 minutes. Although you should spend a few minutes chopping the vegetables, these Ranch and Vegetable Topped Rice Cakes are super quick and easy.

I like to spice mine up a bit with herbs, but this is completely optional. I usually add herbs that complement the ranch, like dill or parsley.

I love that these can be a healthier option than reaching for a bag of chips. You can still get that crisp, it’s a bit more filling and seriously so good!

For more ideas or more information about their products, visit Marzetti’s website, follow them on Facebook or YouTube!

Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes With Nuts, Seeds And Dried Fruit

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Spread 1/2 of the ranch dip on top of each rice cake. Top with desired vegetables and chopped herbs. Serve immediately.

Rice Cake Recipe

This is a sponsored discussion written by me on behalf of Marzetti Veggie Dips. The opinions and text are all mine.

Fried Rice Cakes Are Crispy Asian Inspired Rice Cakes

Welcome to Taste and Tell. Here you will find easy, quick and family-friendly recipes. I believe that anyone can cook and that dinner doesn’t have to be complicated. Come join my kitchen! Read moreThese almond butter rice cakes are perfect for a healthy and fun breakfast. The rice cake with less than 200 calories is full of proteins, healthy fats and vitamins.

Today we explore four ideas for making a healthy breakfast using rice cakes and almond spread. Our rice cakes are ready in less than 10 minutes and are an easy way to add color, flavor and excitement to the table. Put out a plate of these crunchy treats and you’ll see your loved ones picking them up faster than you can make them!

All the ingredients we use are healthy and plant-based, so this recipe is suitable for vegans. Celiacs and those following a gluten-free diet can also enjoy these rice chips without worry.

To make our recipe even healthier, we used rice cakes made from whole grain puffed rice instead of white rice for a better nutritional profile.

Cinnamon Apple Rice Cake Bites

This recipe is quick and simple. First we prepare the fillings. Then we spread almond butter on top of the rice cakes. Finally, we decorate and serve.

In the four steps below, we’ll show you how to make each of the fillings above. Let’s go have a snack!

There is nothing worse than stale rice cakes. Unfortunately, puffed rice loses its crispiness very quickly when exposed to air, even faster than cookies or cereal from its box.

Rice Cake Recipe

Whether you want plain rice cakes or garnish them with one of our vegan toppings above, we recommend eating them within 2 hours of taking them out of the package.

Korean White Steamed Rice Cakes

Fortunately, one of our rice cakes only takes 2 minutes to make, so you don’t have to worry about their contribution. Just enjoy them fresh on the go.

Unless you’re going to eat a whole bag of rice cakes at once, you need to store them properly to keep them crisp. We recommend that you do not store them in their original bag after opening, but transfer them to an appropriate airtight container.

Rice cake packages are often fragile and tear easily when opened. If this is not observed or if you do not close the bag properly, air can seep in during the night and spoil the product. If you transfer your rice snacks to zip-lock bags or food-grade boxes with an airtight seal, you can be 100% sure they’ll still be crunchy the next time you need them.

Organic rice cakes are probably the shortest ingredient list snack in the world, containing only rice and a little salt.

Vegan Rice Cake Toasts

Are rice cakes the holy grail of a snack that everyone can enjoy regardless of their diet or food allergies? And are they as good as we seem? Let’s take a closer look.

This low-carb, low-fat snack seems ideal for dieters. A typical size rice cake has only 27 calories, but almost none of them come from fat or sugar. But there is a caveat. Rice cakes have very little fiber, which makes us digest them quickly without feeling full. In addition, the lack of healthy fats means that rice cakes are not suitable for the keto diet.

When trying to lose weight, we need to curb our hunger to avoid mindless snacking. Regular rice cakes do not do this effectively, but there is a solution: avoid eating them

Rice Cake Recipe

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