Ribs Soup Recipe – Recipe 4

Ribs Soup Recipe special beef. A well-known dish, there is a secret to how to make this food delicious. For those who don’t know how to cook soup, go here.

Besides that, beef ribs are quite expensive, as a result, very few want to cook their own soup, because it is not necessarily tender and has a special delicious taste, it’s better to buy ready-made, now with a recipe How to make rib soup Hopefully this beef will provoke a sense of wanting to be able to cook this Betawi soup.

rib soup recipe
delicious beef rib soup recipe

can you try that too malay soup recipe us, the taste is no less delicious guaranteed. Oh, yes, a little info that this soup dish also includes beef ribs which are grilled first so that they get a different taste and unique sound, then they make soup with clear sauce. Maybe the admin will present the recipe later. OK, it’s not too long, this material Recipes the special beef is delicious and clear.

Ingredients and seasoning

  • 1 kg
    fresh beef ribs / oxtail
  • 1 kg
    carrots, -chopped
  • 2 pieces
    potato round,-cut into pieces
  • Spices Beef Ribs Soup Recipe:

    > 5 cloves
    > 1/2 nutmeg, coarsely ground, then roasted
    > 2 cm Cinnamon ,
    > 5 cloves of garlic
    > 2 fingers of ginger, – mashed, sauteed with a little oil

Recipe tips How to make Beef Ribs Soup

  1. – First of all, boil the ribs and carrots, until the meat is tender, it’s better to use pressure cooker.

  2. Next, bring the water to a boil, add the ribs after 5 minutes to remove the foamy water.

  3. – then you replace it with new water, boil again until the meat is tender.

  4. – Then wrap the roasted spices with a thin cloth, add the boiled meat earlier.

  5. – The last step, add salt & broth, taste, if it’s delicious, it’s special to finish cooking beef by following our rib soup recipe.

Complementary clear soup dish:

– Spring onions and celery, sliced
– Fried onions
– Lime
– Potato Chips
– Melinjo crackers

Don’t forget that when you serve the soup, fried chili sauce is also included (it can be spicy), wow, it’s definitely solid & delicious, just like konro soup recipe previously written here. Well, it’s not difficult to cook this beef soup, this is special, the recipes for everyone’s taste can definitely include you, because it’s here Ribs Soup Recipe The explanation is complete, bye.

Description of the delicious clear Betawi special recipe

Ribs Soup Recipe
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Cook time duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes, Portion : few servings ,

Estimated Calorie content: 277 cal

How to make Simple Delicious Special Beef Ribs Soup


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