Recipe How to Make Easy Fried Gyoza

Recipe How to Make Fried Gyoza Easy original Japanese. the snack is almost like dumplings with the skin on, some are steamed, you use shrimp or chicken, how do you make it?, let’s read it together.

This authentic Japanese cuisine is indeed less familiar to those who live in small towns, as well dorayaki cake, but in big cities, fried gyoza food is very easy to find, using any meat the gyoza is ready to be made, so in order to make it halal of course we take halal ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, beef. This food consists of stuffing and skin, gyoza contents consist of chicory, ground beef, then a seasoned gravy.
There are many variations in Japan with their respective Gyoza recipes, here the admin will tell you a few:
Yaki Gyoza (medium fried)
Yaki gyoza is by far the most common type of gyoza. deep-fried in a hot skillet before the broth mixture is poured in and everything is covered for a few minutes.

Recipe How to Make Fried Gyoza

Fried Gyoza Recipe

Gyoza Sui (steamed)
Boiled/steamed sui gyoza, often served in a very light broth, is found in Chinese restaurants and specialty gyoza restaurants.

Age Gyoza (dry fried)
Age gyoza is deep fried crispy, found in Chinese and specialty restaurants, but rarely found elsewhere.

So which one will we make?, or what do you like? ok we will follow how to make easy fried gyoza which is often found where, namely; Yaki gyoza

Easy Beef / Chicken Fried Gyoza Recipe

Collect these ingredients:

  • 250g finely ground beef, can be exchanged for chicken meat.
  • chicory 1 piece.
  • garlic 10 s / d 30 cloves, depending on the level (want garlic taste or not).
  • as needed Beef bones / chicken bones.
  • Gyoza skin round 4 to 6 packs (generally contains 10 can be purchased at Japanese supermarkets).
  • enough salt.

Recipe How to Make Easy Fried Gyoza:

  1. First, boil the beef or chicken bones until they become broth.
  2. – Meanwhile the beef is finely ground.
  3. Then take 5 pieces of chicory, finely chopped, if it can be melted, then filtered until all the water comes out.
  4. – Then chop the garlic, finely crushed (pulverized).
  5. – After combining all the ingredients together, don’t forget to add salt as needed.
  6. – then filtered until there is no more water, usually the combination of meat and chicory will release water.
  7. – Now before wrapping, let the dough be, you wrap it when it’s going to be fried, because the water content will make the gyoza skin unable to be tightly closed later.
  8. – usually 1 pack of gyoza 1 tablespoon.
  9. – so that it can be tightly closed, not open when fried, prepare a teplon frying pan, give 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil, then put it in the wrapper, then when it is hot, add 2 to 5 tablespoons of broth and close the lid think.
  10. – Fry for about 2 minutes on medium heat. finished our fried gyoza.

Japanese cuisine is ready to eat, the composition above is enough for 30 to 40 pieces, if you want more, please count the multiples of the fried gyoza ingredients above.

Ok, that’s a little story from this authentic Japanese dish, quite easy isn’t it?, if chicken katsu how?. For those who often or have ever made Bandung dumplings, for the chili sauce, you can use any brand of chili sauce, it’s pretty good. because from there this dish doesn’t use sauce, that’s ok Recipe How to Make Fried Gyoza Easy from us, good luck.

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