Recipe for how to make Uli betawi

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi from Ketan. Who hasn’t tried this typical Jakarta dish? Well, I’m sorry, it’s worth a try, how about making your own?, it’s not that hard bro.

One more admin wants to bring up the typical food of native Jakartans, this is a gift from their ancestors besides egg crust, the basic ingredients are only white glutinous rice, grated coconut and then salt, now there are only 3 ingredients and then processing this Betawi uli culinary is only 5 easy steps. What takes a little longer is the mashing process, it has to be smooth or even and looks a bit runny, even if you can add more powder so you don’t see the shape of the rice, it sticks together, it’s pretty.

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi

Uli Betawi Sticky Rice

This food is really beyond expectations, how not, with very simple ingredients it can suck up Indonesian food lovers, especially Jakarta like soto Betawi, and the final process is only fried or grilled or if you like it, just eat it, but if the admin prefers fried uli betawi, more crunchy and crispy, you can eat it with peanut sauce or a sprinkling of grated roasted coconut that has been given a little sugar , may not. ok, let’s just continue the way of processing, let’s hurry. Oh yes, once again, this is not the sweet and sour tape uli dish.

Uli Betawi White Glutinous Recipe

Required ingredients:

  • 500 gr good white glutinous rice.
  • 1. 5 cups fresh grated coconut.
  • enough salt.
  • Enough banana leaves / plastic wrap.

Steps How to Make Uli Betawi Sticky Rice:

  1. – First clean until clean white glutinous rice. then soak in clean water 2-6 hours. Cook until cooked (in liwet or steamed).
  2. Then transfer the glutinous rice when it is hot to a large plastic bowl. then sprinkle coconut, salt, stir until smooth.
  3. – Now you mash the sticky rice while it’s still hot using a stone ulekan / long wooden pestle that has been wrapped in a plastic bag (so it doesn’t stick). Mash until sticky rice looks smooth.
  4. – The last step, you prepare banana leaves / plastic wrap. then wrap, let cool.

Betawi uli processing notes:

– For packaging, just adjust the shape according to your taste or your needs, it can be made into a box, an elongated rectangle, it can be small it can be big too.

Thus, making this betawi glutinous rice cake which is quite easy, very practical and simple, admin feels that everyone will be able to make it, it just takes patience, especially when pounding this betawi uli dough, usually if you make a lot it will be quite exhausting too, sweaty ok… pal, welcome to try the traditional Jakarta-style recipe Recipe for how to make Uli betawi from U.S.

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