Palcha Sauce Giveaway: Quick Sauces when you’re in a bind

The lovely folks over at Palcha Sauces sent me six of their sauces and dressings to try out. Being Korean and a cook to ravenous eaters, sauces and dressings are a staple of the kitchen and a must for much of my cooking.  Family likes things marinated, dressed, dipped, and drizzled before they eat food.  They also do not enjoy anything bland or plain, so it seemed like a really fun opportunity to try someone else’s sauces on my cooking.

One day I used the sauces to marinate a bunch of chicken thighs I had around.  I used the Soycha and Chilicha sauces to marinated the chicken, and then I just cooked the chicken in the oven.

Children and Husband really enjoyed both flavors, and it was nice that the Chilicha sauce wasn’t so spicy that Children couldn’t eat it.  Husband, even with marinade, likes something to dip his chicken in, so he used the Boom sauce to dip the chicken and it was his absolute favorite combination.  The Boom dipping sauce is personally Husband’s favorite, and he uses it almost every other night to drizzle over or dip in something that we are having.  The flavors are familiar to my palate, which makes using them really easy.

I also had a chance to try their dressings, which turned out to be a surprise favorite with Children.  I generally make a couple of large green salads weekly, and for some reason, this salad dressing made them consume a lot more salad.  Again, although the chili had some bite, Children could eat it and they didn’t complain about it being too spicy.  (In particular, Daughter #1 tends to be the most sensitive to spice and she didn’t complain at all.)  I found that the kids are far more willing to eat their salad with these dressings than anything I made on my own.  I’m definitely going to keep these around for those days I want Family eating their greens.

I am definitely pleased with the quality of the sauces, their versatility, and their ease of use.

Now the generous folks at Palcha are offering two lucky readers a chance to try three of their sauces!  You can get extra entries by liking Week of Menus on Facbook, Palcha on Facebook, and leaving a comment about your favorite sauce (any sauce) in my comments section.  

If you don’t win, or are desperate for your own sauces, Palcha has also offered a special Week of Menus discount of 10% on any of their products.  Check out their website, and if you want to order, the promotion code is WOM10.

Look forward to hearing about your favorite sauces in the comment section below (my favorite is the Chinese chili garlic sauce).  May my favorite blog reader win!  (That’s YOU!)

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