Padang Minced Meat Recipe – Recipe 4

Minced Meat Recipe Padang way beef curry. This spicy food is almost the same as the stew how to make it, not suitable for children with typical Padang-style spices. Admin feels that the community knows that Padang cuisine recipes are very famous for their spicy taste, they dare to play with quite a lot of spices and herbs, such as Minced meat beef, usually this food will always be found in Padang restaurants with very thick spices.

Padang Minced Meat Recipe
Minced Meat Recipe from Padang Gulai

delicious taste is amazingly delicious, regional cuisine of West Sumatra has become a favorite of Indonesians and even abroad, including the Recipe4blogspotcom admin really likes it. One that has been recorded in the world is rendang padang recipe and if you pay attention Minced Meat recipe West Sumatra is also almost the same in terms of visuals and seasoning, the difference is, if the rendang is always dry, while the chopped one will always have a lot of sauce and very thick and oily. Also pay attention, Padang specialties always include coconut milk and chilies.

This typical Padang minced product is also called West Sumatra curry, which consists of the following areas; Solok, the city of Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, Padang Pariaman and others with their respective characteristics of West Sumatra, this area also has delicious and delicious culinary with various kinds of variations. Because it is rich in this taste, Padang cuisine is suitable to be eaten anytime, including this minced meat curry. If the reader wants to try to process this dish, our recipe4 provides a recipe for West Sumatran beef mince complete with easy steps.

Padang Curry Minced Meat Recipe


Take this recipe 4 times recipes Minced beef is typical of this field because I really like the taste, oh yes, actually the main ingredient is beef, you can replace it with goat meat if you really like goat or happen to be available at home, while the spices are the same, see the recipe too how to make minced meat.

Description of minced meat recipe:

Time for preparation Time to cook Total cooking time Portion
10 minutes 1 hour 1 Hour 10 Minutes 6 Person

Meat recipe ingredients

  • 1 kg beef, wash, cut into small pieces (chopped)
  • To taste coconut milk (from 1/2 coconut)
  • 2 lime leaves
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1 lemongrass stalk

Minced Meat Recipes:

8 red onions
5 cloves of garlic
5 hazelnuts
3 finger ginger
2 finger turmeric
1 teaspoon coriander
1/4 teaspoon cumin
1/3 nutmeg
5 cloves
enough chili, according to taste
a little pepper
enough salt

recipe how to make minced beef

  1. – First of all, stir-fry the ground spices, then add the lime leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass leaves and stir-fry until fragrant.
  2. – Then add beef (minced), stir until the meat changes color, let stand a few moments.
  3. – Next, give coconut milk until the beef is flooded, cook until tender.
  4. – Also pay attention to the gravy, if the gravy is not enough, the reader can add more coconut milk.
  5. – Taste all the flavors according to your taste or not, if you don’t feel like it, just add it, it’s finished with this Minangkabau Minced Meat Recipe.

Nutritional information:

Kand. Calories Fat content Protein Content Cholesterol Content
673 kcal 60.4 g 24.8 g 82 mg

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You can see that there are so many spices and seasonings for this Padang curry, there are about 16 kinds if you count, that’s quite a lot… no wonder the taste is savory, apart from the beef, which looks delicious, namely fat & tendon. Well Recipe 4 lovers, that’s it Minced Meat Recipe This beef curry field, it’s done.

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