Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Meatball Appetizer Recipe – This easy meatball recipe is perfect for parties! They are incredibly tasty and seasoned with fresh lemon juice, cumin, paprika, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. If you’re looking for the best homemade meatball appetizer, this is it! Pair them with our garlic dipping sauce for the tastiest cocktail meatballs.

The classic Italian meatball traces its origins back to ancient Rome. More recently, cocktail meatballs have become a staple of dinner parties and other forms of entertainment. We love the tradition of serving meatballs at gatherings.

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

This recipe is as easy as throwing everything in a bowl, and then using a cookie scooper to make little balls! They bake pretty quickly and that’s it. It is one of our favorite recipes.

Easy 11 Meatball Appetizers Using Frozen Meatballs

They are a delicious appetizer and perfect for parties and special occasions. Serve these juicy meatballs with a delicious dipping sauce, vegetable platter and other small party appetizers.

We made these meatballs and they were gone within minutes! Everyone loved them and couldn’t get enough, even kids!

This is a unique meatball appetizer that uses unique ground spices for flavor. They almost have a Moroccan flavor to them and are really delicious!

Truly these are the best homemade meatballs. We do not use frozen, pre-made meatballs and the recipe is still very easy to make cocktail meatballs.

Minute Party Meatball Appetizer In The Pressure Cooker

Here are the basic ingredients you need to make this perfect meatball recipe. You can get all these ingredients at your local grocery store.

Organic Beef – We always use organic, grass-fed beef when we cook with beef. It is really important to use good quality meat. You can also make meatballs with turkey.

Chives – These are like green onions, they are long and thin and taste similar to onions and shallots. They had a lot of taste for this

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Garlic – There is no better taste than garlic! Garlic adds so much deliciousness to these meatballs. We recommend a garlic press, because it comes perfectly chopped.

Cranberry Meatballs Appetizer

Olive oil – This is used to enhance the flavor in the meatballs and give them a golden brown color.

Whichever method you choose, make sure you don’t overheat the appetizers. You’ll also want to make sure your cocktail meatball offerings are sealed.

You can set your slow cooker on low for the job. Or you can keep them in the oven at a temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Before keeping them safely wrapped in aluminum foil so they don’t dry out.

Make mini meatball sliders with Hawaiian sliders. Similar to our ham and cheese sliders, make this with meatballs and a little garlic sauce.

Mini Spaghetti And Meatball Appetizer

Cocktail meatballs freeze incredibly well. You want to seal them in a ziplock bag of some kind so they don’t lose moisture.

You can even take the frozen meatballs straight to a slow cooker. Three to four hours is typically enough time to revive the frozen precursors.

Here is the very important question. Can you put raw meatballs in the cooker? The short answer is yes, you can make these crockpot meatballs. You will need to adjust the cooking time to allow for thorough cooking.

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Then put the raw meatballs to simmer in a sauce for six to eight hours. Cooked meatballs only require a few hours of heating.

Easy Meatball Appetizers

Cooking the meatballs offers benefits that should not be overlooked. Only a hot oven or grill can sear the outer layer of the meat for a texture that is grilled on the outside and very tender.

So your delicious meatballs were a hit. What now? Place your cheesy meatballs or saucy meatballs in the fridge while considering some of these remaining ideas.

Meatballs make a great pizza topping, especially if you cut the meatballs beforehand. The classic meatball sub is another easy option.

Simply fill a baguette or similar bread with meatballs, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. Then bake into a gooey and delicious sandwich.

Bbq Meatball Crescent Roll Game Day Bites

Meatballs are a juicy, sweet treat, so consider a little variety when planning side dishes to go with them.

Potatoes should be on your list. Some of your guests might even be tempted to release their inner child and mix the potatoes and meatballs.

Any kind of grain or starch offers textural nuances and something to taste the juiciness of the meatballs. White rice, crusty bread, baked potatoes and baked beans are great options.

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

This answer really depends on the size of the meatball. Cocktail meatballs tend to be one or two inches in diameter. If you are making larger two-inch balls, you can plan to prepare two or three per guest.

Bourbon Meatballs Appetizer

Small one-inch balls require you to make four to five per guest. Another thing to consider is how many side dishes you have.

If you are preparing for a party of about 25, you will need to buy about 3 pounds of meat for this main dish. If you calculate that 25 guests will eat 4 meatballs each, you will need 100 meatballs. 1 lb of ground beef makes about 3-40 mini meatballs.

It’s all about the sauce! We have the perfect sauce recipes for you. Our readers rave about our Garlic Cilantro Sauce. However, any of these delicious sauce recipes will go perfectly with this recipe.

When serving wine with your meatballs, red wines will generally pair best with most meats and even lean beef. Pork is typically served with white wine, while turkey meatballs can be served with either.

Easy Bbq Meatballs

In general, a robust red wine like Merlot helps cut through fatty cuts of meat. This helps to cleanse the palate.

White wines generally go better with lighter, less fatty meats. Oily meats like beef could hide the natural sweetness of a Riesling, for example. When in doubt, serve both options and let your guests choose.

This meatball recipe is perfect for any time of the year. It’s great for parties or even for dinner. Here are some holidays when you can serve cocktail meatballs.

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Cocktail meatballs are always a crowd-pleaser. No matter what kind of meatball appetizer recipe you use, putting a little thought into how you serve and heat them can go a long way to impressing your friends.

Bourbon Bbq Cocktail Meatballs: Party Appetizers

You may be wondering, what do you eat with cocktail meatballs? If you’re looking for more delicious party appetizers, we’ve got you covered! Try one of these incredible appetizers:

How to Create a Cheese Platter – You can also add these to our Halloween Cheese Platter for the holidays.

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Sweet ‘n Spicy Glazed Cocktail Balls

This easy meatball recipe is perfect for parties! They are incredibly tasty and seasoned with fresh lemon juice, cumin, paprika, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Calories: 40 kcal | Carbohydrates: 1 g | Protein: 2 g | Fat: 3 g | Saturated fat: 1 g | Polyunsaturated fat: 1 g | Monounsaturated fat: 1 g | Trans fat: 1 g | Cholesterol: 13 mg | Sodium: 49 mg | Potassium: 40 mg | Fiber: 1 g | Sugar: 1 g | Vitamin A: 54 IU | Vitamin C: 1 mg Calcium: 7 mg | Iron: 1 mg

Hi! I’m Eden, an entertaining expert, and this is where I share ways to add charm to everyday celebrations, easy recipes, fun drinks and classic style! You are a daily dose of sugar and charm. Read more! Looking for a fun new appetizer for all your spring events? Check out my caprese meatball skewers. This healthy appetizer is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Meatball Appetizer Recipe

I received free samples of the Sabra Hummus mentioned in this post. By posting this recipe, I am entered into a recipe contest sponsored by Sabra and am eligible to win prizes associated with the contest. I was not compensated for my time.

Meatball Sub On A Stick

Did you know that May 13th is National Hummus Day? This plant-based protein dip is a staple in my house. It’s great for snacking, spreading, dipping and even cooking. My caprese meatball skewers use sabra hummus to add an extra flavor boost.

Research shows that diets with increased bean consumption are associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity.Eat 2 heaping spoons of hummus per day, meet your bean recommendation for the week! How easy is that?!

I “beautified” the classic meatball appetizer by turning it into caprese skewers. This beautiful appetizer is so easy to make. Your guest will never know it is packed with “good for you ingredients”. My meatballs are made with lean ground turkey, spinach and hummus for an extra boost of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Looking for a fun new appetizer for all your spring events? Check out my caprese meatball skewers. This healthy appetizer is sure to please a crowd. This bourbon meatball recipe fits the bill of a popular and delicious appetizer. The meatballs are succulent, the bourbon sauce is delicious and their flavors complement each other famously!

Caprese Meatball Skewers

I usually serve these meatballs as an appetizer, but you can also serve them as a main course.

Christopher and I love appetizers and will periodically eat them instead of a typical dinner. So, when I told Christopher that I was making these delicious meatballs, he agreed

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