Light Dessert Recipes

Light Dessert Recipes – This lush lemon dessert is light, fresh and decadent. It consists of butter crust with a lemon cream cheese filling, homemade lemon pudding and whipped cream. Only 20 minutes to prepare!

Is there really anything as amazing as lemon dessert? Honestly, I don’t think I can ever get enough. Whether it’s Blueberry Lemon Donuts, No Bake Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Greek Yogurt Cake, Lemon Cheesecake Bars, you name it…I probably have seconds.

Light Dessert Recipes

Light Dessert Recipes

This Lemon Lush is the ultimate lemon dessert. It’s completely made from scratch with a butter crust, lemon cream cheese filling, homemade lemon pudding and whipped cream. It’s bright, fresh, light, creamy and absolutely amazing.

Sweet And Nutty Dessert Recipes

This dessert is the perfect addition to summer barbecues, parties, parties, or just to have on hand at home to steal a bite every time you go through the fridge. 😉

This lemon dessert consists of three simple layers, homemade cream, and comes together with 20 minutes of preparation!

Lemon Lush is a layered dessert consisting of a butter crust, a lemon cream cheese filling and a layer of lemon pudding. It’s light, fruity, creamy and delicious!

Leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator and will keep covered with aluminum foil or foil for 3-4 days.

Best Lemon Desserts

You can try it, but freezing this Lemon Lush will probably affect the texture of the cream cheese and pudding layers. It’s definitely best enjoyed in a few days!

This lush lemon dessert is light, fresh and decadent. It consists of butter crust with a lemon cream cheese filling, homemade lemon pudding and whipped cream. Only 20 minutes to prepare!

Portion: 179 grams | Calories: 662 cal | Carbohydrates: 59 g | Proteins: 8 g | Fats: 45 g | Saturated fats: 27 g | Polyunsaturated fats: 2 g | Monounsaturated fats: 12 g | Trans fats: 1 g | Cholesterol: 180 mg | Sodium: 168 mg | Potassium: 180 mg | Fiber: 1 g | Sugar: 38 g | Vitamin A: 1672 IU | Vitamin C: 6 mg | Calcium: 114 mg | Iron: 1 mg

Light Dessert Recipes

My name is Ashley Fehr and I love creating easy meals that my family loves. I also like to do things my way, which means improvising and breaking the rules when necessary. Here you’ll find creative twists on old favorites and some of my favorite family recipes, passed down from generation to generation! You’ve been putting in extra hours at the gym, drinking lots of water and eating healthy all week, but then night rolls around and your craving for something sweet hits HARD. The thing is, you don’t have to tell your sweet tooth to cool off and completely deprive themselves. It’s still possible to enjoy dessert without eating something totally unhealthy. Here are 20 healthy desserts you’ll go crazy for.

Sex In A Pan

This rice pudding recipe features rose water, orange blossom water, and pistachios for a well-rounded flavor we can’t get enough of. You can’t either! If you’ve never made rice pudding before, this simple recipe is the perfect way to practice. (via +Co)

Swap your milk chocolate for dark chocolate with this recipe, which is full of antioxidants and can lower blood pressure. To make it even healthier, swap out the coconut sugar for honey or add a drizzle of golden stuff on top. (via +Co)

This super easy no-bake dessert combines peanut butter, fat-free cream, and reduced-fat cream cheese in a sweet graham cracker crust. After pouring all the ingredients in, pour some chocolate syrup on top and dig in. (via Skinny Taste)

Made with fresh blueberries and peaches and lightened with creamy Greek yogurt, this cake is perfect for breakfast, snack or dessert. Just make sure you finish it within the first two days (it’s a little too wet by day three), which shouldn’t be a problem because it’s THAT good. (via Julia’s Album)

The Ultimate Cream Puff Cake Recipe

If you thought you had to give up cannolis just because you’re trying to watch your calories, think again. The shells in these recipes are fully baked instead of partially fried as in classic versions. Make the shells on the smaller side and you’ll feel like you’re eating more than you actually are. (via Diethood)

If you’re going to eat a big plate of fruit, you might as well have something chocolatey and delicious to dip it into. This cream cheese and cocoa powder treat will make you crave fresh fruit like never before. (via Cooking Classy)

Desserts These decadent dark chocolate bars come together completely in the food processor and will be ready to eat within an hour. Store leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks, if they somehow manage to last that long. (via Running With Spoons)

Light Dessert Recipes

Not even ice cream is off limits if you choose the right recipe. A sweet chocolate chip cookie dough is sandwiched between layers of fat-free Greek yogurt with honey for a light and satisfying dessert. (via Chocolate and Carrots)

Epic Egg Free Dessert Recipes

With only 116 calories per slice and no butter or oil in the batter, this cake is a healthy dessert dream come true. Sprinkle with powdered sugar just before serving for an extra touch of sweetness to complement the green apples. (via Easy as Apple Pie)

Sometimes just the presentation can make a lighter dessert feel more luxurious. So instead of spooning this banana pudding into a bowl, grab one of your stemless wine glasses and create a simple layered trifle. (via Dashing Dish)

While these may look and taste like a diet breaker, there are actually only 128 calories in each bar. Greek yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese are key to keeping them on the lighter side without sacrificing the creamy, flavorful flavor. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

Made with unsweetened almond milk, orange flavoring and a hint of dark chocolate, these cupcakes are a dessert you don’t have to feel naughty thinking about. Whip up a batch and you’ll be snacking guilt-free for the next three days. (via Wallflower Girl)

Dessert Recipes & Menu Ideas

Eating frozen fruit is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth without canceling your morning spin class. Drizzle some semi-sweet chocolate over them and freeze them for an on-the-go dessert whenever the craving strikes. (via Carl’s Bad Cravings)

Yes, even donuts can be made lighter. The recipe calls for whole wheat flour, almond milk, ground flax seeds, and a delicious powdered sugar vanilla glaze. These chocolate chip donuts will be your new favorite after-dinner snack. So grab a glass of this almond milk and start sipping. (via Bran Appetit)

You only have three ingredients left for a large bowl of fresh strawberry ice cream. Combine the frozen strawberries, one egg white and the vanilla extract in a blender and blend until smooth. Store leftovers in the freezer and enjoy any time of day for a guilt-free snack. (via The Easy Healthy Way)

Light Dessert Recipes

This banana bread won’t leave you feeling bloated and heavy afterward. The Greek yogurt acts as a lighter, healthier substitute for the butter and oil in the dough, and the chocolate chips make the bread taste indulgent rather than a total sacrifice. (via Chelsea’s Messy Apron)

Light Desserts After A Heavy Meal

This meringue dessert is light and airy, and looks so good that your friends will be lining up for a slice (and seconds!). Top with fresh fruit and powdered sugar and you’re ready to eat. (via Sweet and Savory)

There’s a time and place for avocados (guac, anyone?), but this chocolate pudding isn’t one of them. Instead, this pudding would be lightened up with coconut milk and your favorite zero-calorie sweetener. (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

Heavenly is the absolute right word to describe this dessert. Use a store-bought angel food cake to save yourself some time and layer it with homemade whipped cream and fresh blueberries. Put the finished trifle in the fridge and try to distract yourself for the next two hours while it cools. (via Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

Skip the calorie-laden slice of coffee cake and opt for this lighter lemon version. The crumbly topping and tangy flavor will leave you wanting more, and that’s a craving you *can* give in to. (via Lovely Little Kitchen)

Easy Party Mini Dessert Recipes & Ideas

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Light Dessert Recipes

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