Kimchi Mac and Cheese Contest: PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

The folks over at Golden Grain Pasta asked me to join their “Taste of Home” contest and I agreed, if only to submit my Kimchi Mac and Cheese dish to their competition. I know, it’s not everyone’s idea of home, but for many kimchi lovers, the idea of kimchi and mac and cheese make sense and sound phenomenal together.  If you need convincing, I understand and the only way I can think of to convince you is to have you MAKE IT and EAT IT.  A few bites, and you’ll understand what the genius is behind this dish.

Now, I’m LOSING in the votes to a very delicious looking Zesty Mexican Lasagne, so I’m calling on my loyal voters to PLEASE VOTE FOR ME.  Voting for me automatically enters YOU to win $250, which incidentally is more than my $100 prize, should I win this contest, so there is a benefit for you as well.

Come on – doesn’t all that kimchi with the pasta just look good enough to eat right now!  I’m actually feeling a bit hungry, and it’s one of those days I wish technology has come further than it has where I can actually eat what’s on the screen.

Anyways – if you have time, please vote for me on Facebook via this link.  Leave a comment if you’d like as well. (My opponent has 27 comments and I only have 11.)  As always, I appreciate my community of support from my readers!  Thank you!

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