Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake Recipe

Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake Recipe Crunchy & dry. The process of making cookies but soft, this Eid is short, don’t believe it, come in here & read to the end. It’s an obligation to have a home when Eid comes to provide snacks such as cakes Nastar & castle, they are subscription cakes every year, if readers want to make them, use them recipes RECIPES4 just this.

Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake Recipe
Recipe for a soft & crunchy Ketapang Seed Lebaran Cake

Ketapang Seed Cake is a small cake shaped like a peanut, crunchy, crunchy, dry that’s its original nature. It’s perfect if you use it as a snack while watching TV / movies, you can also work in front of the computer, or have a good chat, if you want, we’ll give you the recipe and how to make ketapang seed cake here.

Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake Recipe Ingredients:

  • 400 grams
  • 150 grams
    1/2 old coconut, clean it, then grate it
  • 1 item
    eggs, beaten well
  • 100 grams
  • 150 grams
  • 1 teaspoon
  • 1 sachet
  • sufficiently
    Cooking oil, for frying

How to make Ketapang Seed Lebaran Cake

  1. – First of all, mix these ingredients; sugar, chicken eggs, salt & vanilla until the ingredients are slightly dissolved.

  2. – Take another container, mix flour & grated coconut, mix well, then add the above mixture and mix well.

  3. – Now add margarine, stir again, knead until the dough doesn’t stick to your hands.

  4. – Then form the dough the size of a long pencil, then cut into oblique pieces.

  5. – The last step is to fry in hot oil (don’t make the heat too big) until golden brown. Lift, drain and finish our ketapang seed recipe.

Wow, you’re done, you’re done recipe this, the taste is ??, salty, savory, soft but crunchy, nahh loch confused right. It’s guaranteed to be delicious, all the spices & ingredients are just right, so please try it if you don’t believe it Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake Recipe this.

Info Recipe for Ketapang Seeds Eid Cake:

Cooking time: 45 Minutes , portion: 2 jars ,

Calorie Content: 241 Calories

Crunchy Ketapang Seeds Recipe for Eid

written by Yus Wanti

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