Javanese Beef Brongkos Recipe

Beef Broccoli Recipe Tasty Javanese. You know gudeg?, brongkos is a must, let’s discuss & read how to make this unique and delicious dish.

Brongkos have a concoction of spices from; coconut milk, meat, long beans. processed from beef is quite famous, besides warm, brongkos cuisine is also one of the characteristics of the city of Yogyakarta.
This food can spoil your tongue with the concoction of spices in the special Meat Brongkos Recipe, as well as rendang with a special taste. The specialty of brongkos cuisine is the step of processing beef, the water used as brongkos sauce is water used to boil / cook beef. After the tender meat is removed and made empal, this dish is also an icon of the city of Yogyakarta.

Beef Broccoli Recipe

Beef Broccoli Recipe

Well, the boiled water is also used as a gravy, this is interesting and unique, maybe this is what makes brongkos dishes typical of this student city more delicious and savory. see also by you how to process crispy recipe.

Javanese Seasoned Beef Brongkos Cuisine

Meat brongkos seasoning ingredients:

  • Beef = 1/2 kg, cut into 3 x 3 cm
  • Long beans = 1 bowl, tied small
  • enough cooking oil
  • Coconut milk from 1/2 coconut or 750 cc

Fine seasoning Beef Brongkos Recipe:

  • Kluwak = 3 seeds
  • Shallots = 4 grains
  • Garlic = 2 cloves
  • Pepper = 1/2 teaspoon
  • Terasi = 1/2 teaspoon
  • Red chili = 5 pieces
  • Turmeric = 2 cm
  • Ginger = 2 cm
  • Pecan = 3 grains
  • enough salt

How to make beef brongkos

  1. – First of all, stir-fry all the ground spices, add the meat, stir until blended and half cooked.
  2. Then add the coconut milk, bay leaf, galangal and salt.
  3. – Then boil until the sauce thickens and the meat is tender.
  4. – Finally, add the long beans and cook until the spices are evenly distributed. taste, lift, finished the brongkos meat recipe.

Nutritional content of brongkos meat:
Calories : 179 Kcal | Cholesterol : 82 mg | Fat : 60.4 g | Protein: 25.2 g

Hmm, please serve this delicious brongkos dish to your family or when you have guests, everyone will like this delicious dish typical of the city of Jogja, maybe they will ask how to make this dish. ok bro, it’s done, this article is about Beef Broccoli Recipe Typical Javanese from Recipe4, hopefully it will be an inspiration for us in creating a new dish that has a high taste and is also unique, happy cooking.

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