Indian Dessert Recipes

Indian Dessert Recipes – The world has fallen in love with Indian culture, and one of the things we love the most is delicious Indian food. While we love curry dishes, there is more to Indian cuisine than curry. Also, while vegetables play a big role in Indian food, some Indian dishes also feature meat.

These Indian sweets will satisfy you and are made from ingredients you can find at home.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Indian Dessert Recipes

Some of these Indian dessert recipes are made for special occasions and holidays but you can try them any time of the year.

Kala Jamun/ Fried Milk Sweet Dumplings

You will discover different combinations and cooking methods and get relief from having to make the same old dishes over and over again.

Sit back and take note of your favorite Indian desserts from the list below and give your guests something new to try next time you come over.

Try this thandai mousse gulab jamun recipe if you’re looking for an Indian dessert recipe that will check all your boxes.

You can even make a few extra cups to keep in the fridge for after-dinner snacks throughout the week.

Diwali Sweets Ideas

Indian carrot pudding started because of religious festivals where sweets and things were made to celebrate the occasion.

You can make this delicious recipe any time of the year, as you only need a few ingredients.

Serve these grated carrots hot or cold and they’ll still be packed with flavor.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Add a cup of chai tea on the side and you’ll be satisfied and feeling warm at the end of the meal.

Indian Sweet Treats

Indian rice pudding, or kheer, is a classic dessert that goes not only with Indian cuisine but with any meal.

You can also add your own touch to this dish by adding different flavors such as cardamom powder or rose essence.

Serve this rice kheer recipe with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top and don’t be surprised if it becomes your new favorite.

You will hear this snack called chikki when you are in India and it is made using things like jaggery or sugar.

Easy Indian Dessert Recipes

You can use any type of nut you want, so you can give this recipe your own twist.

Another name for this Indian sweet is gulab jamun, but these Indian milk balls are so good that you should make extra so you can have them tomorrow.

You’ll know they’re right when the outside is super smooth and the inside is still moist.

Indian Dessert Recipes

You have to try these milk balls but be sure to top them with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.

Simple And Tasty Indian Dessert Recipes To Try

If you are looking for a healthy version of Indian food, this urad dal laddu recipe is a top choice.

You can try making these laddu balls into different shapes to make it more festive for the holidays.

The recipe is so simple you don’t need a background in Indian food to be able to make it.

This sweet treat is best eaten cold or at room temperature, but if you like your dessert cold, then throw it in the fridge and it will keep well.

Easy Indian Diwali Desserts And My Diwali Menu

Saffron can be a little expensive, but it is more than worth it to add this spice to your dishes to give it a good taste.

You can use a little bread to put into the shrikhand or try some premium crackers you find in the store.

Try this mango halwa recipe if you are tired of making the same Indian food.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Pistachios are a favorite ingredient in many Indian dishes and these have a nice nutty flavor to balance the sugar and spices.

Indian Sweets Recipe –motichoor Laddoo Recipe

This will brighten your day and put a smile on your face knowing what is waiting for dessert after your meal.

This spicy Indian dessert halwa is the perfect way to end the day, so don’t forget to put it on your list of things to try when you have guests over for dinner.

It’s basically made by boiling milk until it thickens and then adding sugar, nuts, and cardamom for flavor.

This Indian dessert recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth so much that you’ll want to make a few extras.

Dessert Recipes And Homemade Sweet Recipes For Diwali

You don’t have to slave in the kitchen to make delicious desserts that please any taste.

This coconut ladoo recipe will take you less than half an hour and it will feel like you took all day to make it.

These little balls will go crazy fast if you serve them at the table so make sure you have a few spares waiting to refill.

Indian Dessert Recipes

There are only a few ingredients you need so you can easily prepare them in time for your next party.

Indian Foods Guide

The mixture of cardamom, sugar, saffron, cream milk, and nuts is perfect for your taste buds.

This dish was originally started in Bengal, but all countries love this dish and you can make it at your home.

The process may be more complicated than making chocolate chip cookies, but it will also have more flavor.

Curdle your milk as soon as possible at boiling temperature. This will make the chena soft and treat more delicious.

Indian Gulab Jamun Dessert Recipe

These Indian desserts are sure to keep you warm during the summer months, so make a batch so you can dig in!

Kulfi has always been served in India but you can make your own at home if you want a different taste without having to visit an Indian restaurant.

You can also mix up this recipe to add some fruit flavors that go well with other ingredients.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Mysore Pak originates from Mysore, India and is basically a block of sugar tossed with ghee or oil.

Indian Sweet Recipes

This sweet treat is usually made during the festival of Diwali but you can have this Indian dessert anytime you are looking for something new to try.

Mix the ingredients in a deep pot before heating it on the stove and stir constantly.

Add in ghee and you will have a sweet treat ready to eat once it has cooled down for a bit.

This Indian dessert is great to share with friends and family so make sure you save some room after dinner because everyone will want this delicious treat.

Quick & Easy Indian Dessert Recipes

Shahi Tukra is made from bread dipped in sweet and creamy rose water flavored syrup.

If you want to go the extra mile, drizzle shahi tukra with some kewra (which is made from pandan leaves and flower extract).

Having a taste of this delicious dessert will make you want to incorporate it into your weekly rotation.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Boondi Ladoo started as a street food in India but became popular across the country and has long been a dessert.

South Indian Desserts: 7 Dessert Recipes You Can Make Under 30 Minutes

Make enough so you can have leftovers to eat throughout the week when you need a sweet snack.

These are usually served during Diwali or Holi, but are great if you want to keep them in your rotation for an after-dinner treat.

You have to make the boondi but you also have to make the topping as well, which is cashew based.

Try pairing this with yogurt or ice cream if you prefer a cold dessert or warm milk if you prefer something hot.

Mango Vermicelli Kheer

This dessert is huge in India and being able to make it right at home is a real treat.

It’s also topped with some milk, so if you want a creamier Indian dessert, this is the way to go.

You will then crumble up some peda (which is made from dried milk) into small pieces that will be like bread crumbs.

Indian Dessert Recipes

Like the other Indian sweets on this list, Puran Poli is usually served for Diwali, Holi, or Bail Pola.

Best Indian Desserts

You may have never tried this Indian dish, but it is one of the most popular dishes so you know you should try it.

The dough is then fried into spirals that are dipped in sugar syrup before being topped with chopped pistachios.

It looks like a funnel cake you might buy at a state fair covered in powdered sugar.

Making your own at home can be dangerous because it’s so easy to make, so you can bake this for a week straight.

Mouthwatering Indian Dessert Recipes That Will Soothe Your Sweet Tooth

The texture is a bit denser than rice pudding, but the flavor is just right when you want an Indian snack.

It was originally served in wealthy homes during the Mughal era in India, but everyone has grown fond of this dish.

When making this recipe, make sure you use full-fat milk. This will give you the densest and creamiest texture.

Indian Dessert Recipes

You can also serve this with pistachios on top to give it more texture and a salty, earthy taste.

The Ultimate Guide To Indian Desserts

Indian desserts have really been successful when it comes to puddings and this Seviyan recipe is no different.

If you haven’t tried it yet, seviyan is made from vermicelli cooked in milk and flavored with turmeric, cardamom, or rose water.

You can also top this delicious treat with sliced ​​pistachios before serving to give a

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