How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe – Let’s start here: There’s nothing wrong with boxed cake mix. This is the secret ingredient in Ree Drummond’s Super Easy Chocolate Cake and can even be used to make cake mix cookies. But if you want to brush up on your cooking skills or you just want a spectacular dessert for a special occasion, these from-scratch cake recipes are sure to impress. All you need are a few classic homemade cake recipes, simple frosting or cake decorating ideas, and a few decorating tools—plus a few tips from Ree herself.

When it comes to a successful cake recipe, Ree has a few tricks up her sleeve. First, she says butter is key! “I go with savory pies. When a recipe calls for buttermilk,” says Rhee, “try substituting buttermilk for milk in your favorite recipes.” Or choose a recipe that already uses it, like Pumpkin Sheet Cake or Strawberry Nutella Chocolate Cake. Another tip for making the perfect cake at home: don’t over mix! “The longer you beat the dough, the more gluten it will release and the tougher the cake will be!” Ree says. Whether you keep things simple with an easy cake recipe or go all out with a fancy layer cake, these homemade cakes will make birthdays, holidays, and even weekdays feel special.

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

This simple but elegant cake is made in one layer, so it is not easy. It’s rich and chocolatey with a nice swirl of peanut butter on top.

Simple Vanilla Cake (one Bowl & No Electric Mixer)

This simple cake is a Drummond family favorite! It’s perfect for any occasion – from birthdays to Christmas parties to school bake sales.

This beautiful cake is not lacking in flavor. It contains coconut extract in the batter and shredded coconut for decoration.

This cake is for the real coffee lovers out there! Both the cake batter and the ice cream contain instant coffee for the ultimate caffeine boost.

If you thought pies were for professionals, we have good news! This one-cup cake is easy enough for any skill level. It’s slightly spicy, moist and delicious, served with powdered sugar or homemade brown butter ice cream, if desired.

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

If you are looking for a cake that you can eat at any time of the day, this is the recipe for you! Its bright, lemony flavor works as well for lunch as it does for dessert.

This birthday cake can work for any age, whether you’re celebrating 13 or 93! Get creative with the pastry by using different colors depending on the occasion.

This classic carrot cake recipe is so versatile that you can adjust it based on your preferences. Make it a Bundt cake or even a sheet cake, but whatever you do, don’t forget the cream cheese frosting!

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

The Spanish name of this cake, “tres leches” translates to “three milks”. And that’s exactly how it’s built. The cake is soaked in heavy cream, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk until it is very moist.

Epic Chocolate Cake Recipe ~so Moist~

This decadent cake is packed with goodness – from layers of chocolate cake and Nutella frosting to whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Best of all, it comes together in less than an hour!

This cake is simple, healthy and incredibly delicious! It’s topped with fresh apples, apple butter, cinnamon and toasted pecans.

For another variation on a homemade sheet cake, try this pumpkin sheet cake topped with cream cheese frosting. It’s perfect for pumpkin spice season or whenever the craving strikes.

You don’t need a mixing bowl (or even a stick!) to make this delicious chocolate cake. Just add all the ingredients to the baking pan and mix it with a whisk. It’s really amazing and amazing!

Best Cake Recipes Made From Scratch

This gorgeous rose pink cake is perfect for Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, or any spring/summer party. Use rose wine to add moisture to the cake, then pour yourself a glass with the extras!

It’s true that this colorful ring of cinnamon goodness was made for Mardi Gras…but who says you can’t enjoy it outside of the Big Bang? Just don’t forget to sprinkle your sprinkles with bright gold, royal purple and bright green sugar.

Flipping this cake over to reveal the caramelized apple slices underneath might sound scary, but no matter how it turns out, it’s sure to be delicious. Especially when topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

To balance the warm holiday spices in this gingerbread cake, top it with a delicious cream cheese frosting that has a bright lemon twist.

Wasc Cake Recipe (white Almond Sour Cream) Original

This Berry Topped Flag Cake is so much fun to eat! It’s a perfect addition to your backyard barbecue.

This is the kind of cake that will put a smile on anyone’s face! It’s easier said than done because it has a layer of chocolate ganache frosting that can cover any cracks from rolling the cake.

This perfectly spiced Pumpkin and Glazed Caramel Bundt Cake may look pretty, but it’s a surprise to make. Just make sure to grease the pan well so the cake doesn’t stick.

Creamy whipped cream and a hint of bourbon give this holiday cake a nice richness without being overpowering. To bake this cake to perfection, use a lighter colored pan so the sides of the cake don’t get too dark.

How To Make Box Cake Better (almost Scratch Cake)

You can make this beautiful cake using a half sheet pan. Once it comes out of the oven, work quickly to roll the cake and prevent it from cracking.

You may have seen boxes of these colorful cake mixes at the grocery store. But making a homemade version from scratch is easier than you think. Plus, you can use any combination of sprinkles you like!

This might just be the lightest and airiest cake of all! It is delicious on its own, but can also be served in the summer with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

Red velvet cake is a classic for a reason—it’s rich, decadent, and so colorful! Using cake flour in the batter helps keep it light and fluffy. Danilo Alfaro has published over 800 recipes and tutorials aimed at making sophisticated cooking techniques accessible to home cooks.

Granny’s Homemade Pound Cake

Southern food expert and cookbook author Diana Rattray has written more than 5,000 recipes and articles in her 20 years as a food writer.

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much of the nutrient in the salad contributes to your daily intake. 2000 calories per day is used for general nutritional advice.

It’s easy to buy a box of cake mix, but let’s be honest—you’re sacrificing flavor and freshness for convenience. If you’ve never baked a cake from scratch, you might be surprised at how simple it is, and you probably already have all the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator.

This recipe uses the reverse creaming method (or batter method), which allows you to mix the sugar and dry ingredients with butter until fluffy, then add the other wet ingredients one at a time. This method helps to get cakes that have an even crumb and shape, and hold together well for assembly and decorating.

Healthy Cake Recipes To Make For Any Occasion

This soft and moist vanilla cake is firm enough to layer with frosting, while being light and fluffy. Decorate the frosting with your favorite ice cream for a birthday, celebration or even a wedding. Or keep it simple with berries and whipped cream for a quick dessert.

“This is a very good everyday cake made with baking powder. It’s relatively light – it’s not filled with butter and it only needs 2 eggs and 2% milk. My cake was completely baked in 30 minutes. After 10 minutes on the cooling rack, the cake is easily removed from the pans.” — Diana Rattray

A white cake is a soft, light cake that is usually made using egg whites to keep it completely white. Vanilla cake often contains the whole egg, which makes it white, and the vanilla is plentiful for flavor.

How To Make Your Own Cake Recipe

There are several reasons why this cake is drier and corn-like than expected. First, it’s important that you bring the butter, eggs, and milk to room temperature before starting the recipe. If they are too cold, the batter will not emulsify and your cake will not be light and fluffy. Then, make sure you don’t overmix the batter; Follow recipe directions for mixing time. Finally, an overbaked cake will dry out, so check it early. If your oven tends to get hot, consider using an oven thermometer to better monitor all of your baked goods.

Ice Cream Cake Recipe: How To Make It

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Well, *almost* the scratch cake is a bit long. It’s basically a box cake with things added to make it better.

Some bakers scoff at box mixes, thinking it’s insulting and just baking from scratch. i

Easy Chocolate Cake

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