How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

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You’ve been cooking all day, guests are coming, and you forgot to make dessert. What are you doing? Simple: provide a three-ingredient, five-minute frozen fruit mousse that’s not only company-worthy, but super light and totally versatile!

How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

I have to admit, I’m usually not a big fan of “light” desserts. They often don’t look, taste, or feel like dessert. And what’s the point of eating dessert if it doesn’t give you that

Fruit Cocktail Salad (easy Fruit Salad Using Fresh Or Canned Fruit!)

Feeling happy? But this five-minute fruit mousse is everything you could hope for in a fruit dessert. It is light and fluffy, like a soft and sweet cloud, and full of bright flavors. A welcome touch whether for a change of pace in the winter or something refreshing in the summer.

I first got the idea for this mousse a few weeks ago when my squirming rebel boyfriend and I were lounging on the couch, watching reruns of

. One of the show’s hosts, Matt Preston, made it, though he calls it 1-Minute Ice Cream. I wouldn’t call his recipe (well, my version) ice cream, per se; in fact it is too light to be called ice cream or even sorbet. And it’s not cold enough.*

The recipe only requires three ingredients — frozen fruit, sugar, and egg whites — and one step of pureeing things in a food processor. What comes out is a light, luscious fruit mousse.

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How does it work? Well, try putting frozen fruit and sugar in a blender and you end up with a thick smoothie. Delicious, but not quite a dessert. It is the egg white that transforms the fruit puree into an attractive mousse with body and volume.**

**If you’re concerned about using raw egg yolks in desserts, look for pasteurized eggs, which can be safely eaten raw, although the risk of getting sick from eating raw eggs is actually very low these days. (Pregnant women and the elderly may want to avoid raw eggs—check with those guests before you start!)

As for sugar, you can adjust the amount you use (I prefer this mousse with a little sugar in it), or leave it completely. Although sugar is an important ingredient in traditional sorbets (it lowers the freezing temperature and keeps the sorbets soft and without any large ice crystals), with a mousse like this, you don’t need sugar for textural reasons, just for taste, which opens you up to more options. Of course, you can also replace the sugar with other sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, or even stevia.

How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

If you decide to use honey or maple syrup, be aware that the taste of honey and maple syrup is quite pronounced and can easily overpower the delicate taste of fruit mousse. Remember: you can always add more after the first taste!

Easy & Healthy Fruit Dessert Pizza

Start by combining several cups of frozen fruit with two tablespoons of sugar (or other sweetener to taste) in the bowl of a food processor. For fruit, you can use almost anything you want. I’ve mostly tried summer fruits (I like to use raspberries) and tropical fruits, but you can also use frozen bananas, peaches, or pears. It is also made with mango and passion fruit!

I use frozen fruit, because it’s cheaper and easier to find out of season (and frankly, frozen fruit, which is picked when it’s fully ripe, tastes better than most out-of-season alternatives). If you’re using fresh fruit, you’ll need to chop it up and freeze it on a paper tray or large plate before adding it to the food processor.

Next, extract the fruit and sugar into a puree. Don’t worry if there are still little bits inside, they will disappear once you add the egg white.

With the egg white added, process until the mixture is bright in color and has tripled in volume. It takes about 2 minutes.

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Just a little tip: if the blade of your machine does not extend all the way to the side of the bowl, the fruit puree may stick to it and the blade cannot reach it. If this happens, simply transfer the chunky puree to a regular mixing bowl, add the egg white and mix with a regular hand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment until the mousse is smooth before transferring the mousse back to the food processor bowl again. blitz until completely smooth.

And of course, just as you can make a dish lighter by using a different sweetener or omitting the sweetener altogether, you can also make a mousse more delicious by adding additional ingredients.

Try adding a dollop of whipped cream, for example. And how about chocolate shavings, or a drop of vanilla extract or a touch of lemon juice to add fruit flavor? It all works.

How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

One last thing: because there is little sugar in this mousse, it does not set well. I recommend serving it straight from the food processor. It keeps for about two hours in the fridge before it starts to fall.

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This mousse contains raw egg white. Cracked egg whites can be used, although the mousse may not turn out perfectly smooth. Those concerned about the health risks of raw eggs should not make or use this recipe. I ask for a little refined sugar in this recipe, but feel free to use honey, maple syrup, or even stevia extract instead, or leave the sweetener out entirely.

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories per day is used for general nutritional advice.

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Above this text is a quick overview (1 and 1/2 minutes!) of these four fruit-themed treats and below are the specific recipes.

Summer Dessert Recipes Roundup

Theirs. We make these popsins either in popsicle molds or in small paper cups (“bath”). Whatever mold you have or a small paper cup will work for these.

As for the popsicle sticks, you can use real popsicle sticks, wooden spoons, or anything else sturdy enough to hold them!

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How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

We do our best to provide accurate nutritional analysis for our recipes. Our nutritional data is calculated using a third-party algorithm and may vary, depending on cooking styles, measurements and ingredient sizes. Please use this information for comparison purposes and consult a health professional for nutritional guidance as needed.

Tropical Fruit Pops Recipe

I love hearing from you when you make one of my recipes! Tag me on Instagram at @ or leave me a comment below.

These jell-o covered vines have been around the internet for years, so I’m not entirely sure who the original creator is, but I enjoy them because they’re so fun! I have slightly modified the original recipe (from raisins, water, and jell-o mixture) adding one more ingredient that I think really “makes” these raisins! Instead of covering the grapes in water and then in jell-o, I soak them in lemon soda. It adds another fun element of flavor and sweetness. You can use diet or regular soda for these and jell-o flavored mixes.

With a light coating of jell-o you get a bit of tangy-sour flavor AND a bit of sugary crunch. With the sweetness of soda and of course raisins, these treats can’t be beat!

This is one of my favorite treats that my sister and I did all the time growing up. My mom ALWAYS had canned mandarin oranges in the pantry, and of course we couldn’t just eat them. ? We loved dipping them in melted chocolate (dark, milk, even white chocolate sometimes) and eating them straight out of the fridge.

Fruity Summer Desserts That Are Easier Than Pie

Of course you can use fresh clementines, but canned oranges are much quicker to make (and I love that they don’t have any peels.)

I had to make these for the boys! They were a huge hit and I will definitely be bringing them to the next party I go to!

I changed the original recipe to make a faster jell-o AND substituted the water for lemon soda. It gives these a fun and different flavor. You can use food or regular soda.

How To Make Fruit Dessert Recipes

Welcome to my kitchen! Here you will find my family’s favorite recipes that my two boys and I have created together. Panna cotta, literally translated as cooked cream, is a classic.

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