How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley – There are a ton of things you can do to spend your day in Stardew Valley. From important farm work to socializing, foraging, digging or adventuring, a day is rarely enough for the farmers of Pelican Town. This leaves little room for one of my favorite activities

– Cooking! This guide series will help you prepare all the recipes. Once you’ve prepared each dish, you’ll finally get the Gourmet Chef achievement.

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

Cooking is not just an achievement vanity! Dishes can give you energy, strength and all kinds of temporary boosts. Additionally, food can make great gifts for your fellow townspeople, or you can use some of them for sewing. You can even base your economy on them, selling recipes for profit!

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This guide series consists of four parts, one for each season. Each section also contains the best ingredients to save for use in other seasons. However, some foods just don’t suit any single season. As such, each part of this guide will also have a section for seasonal foods that you can make in the spring (in this case, too). Without further ado, let’s get cooking!

, but cooking meals year-round becomes much easier with a steady supply! Although it is worth it, it will take you some time to produce a lot of rice in your farm. You must first grow shoots on unmilled rice, which you can only purchase from year 2. Also, rice shoots only grow in the spring – but if you plant them near some water, they grow much faster (6 instead of 8 days. )

Unmilled rice is a step up, but it’s not rice. To get our favorite seed usable, you must have a match. Mills don’t come cheap – with 25.000 gold, 50 stone, 150 wood and 4 cloth, it’s an investment. However, it is an investment worth your money. Mills speed up your production considerably and turn numerous ingredients into improved versions of themselves. Such as rice!

Potato is a simple crop. They are first available when you first start

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, they are cheap, and they take very little time to grow. But the real, culinary reason you want to preserve potatoes is hashbrowns. Hashbrowns are the only dish that requires potatoes, but they are a key ingredient in some amazing dishes on their own. So save some potatoes for when it gets rough – you can use them anytime!

Like potatoes, kale is a very easy crop to grow. It’s available outside of beets, grows quickly, and is in several good recipes. You won’t need a lot of kale, but it’s useful for fall when you can use it to make some pretty courses.

Who doesn’t love garlic? Although it is harmful to vampires – garlic is a great ingredient for cooking and crafting. Although it is easy to harvest and the seeds are cheap, you have to wait up to 2 years to get them. However, especially for fishing, garlic is the ingredient to keep your eyes open. Always good to save a couple!

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

Who would have thought that this flower was worth saving? While they’re pretty enough, they’re a central component of the game’s best luck-busting dishes. Blue Jazz grows in 7 days and is easy to buy in spring.

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! So now to the main course of this guide: here are the best dishes you can make during the beautiful spring in Pelican Town!

A bean hotpot is easy to make but tricky to get the recipe. For the recipe, you only need 2 green beans. To get the recipe, you must have at least 7 hearts with Clint, which may take some time. Once you do, he’ll send the recipe to your mailbox. If you don’t give it up to improve relations with your neighbors, bean hotpot is especially good for a temporary magnetism boost. With this, objects that are further away automatically join your list. So it’s better to take before you dig, for example. Finally, you can use this food for profit – if you use low-quality beans because they sell for less.

Recipes that are easy once you get the hang of it, but difficult to make when you’re just starting out. Cauliflower is easy enough. Just buy seeds from Pierre (or from Zoja Mart if you don’t have soul) and water them daily. In 12 days, you will get cauliflower! Cheese is a bit trickier. To get started you need a barn, cows and a cheese press. However, once you have it all, you can expect a steady supply of cheese. Cheese caulis have little that sets them apart from the competition – but they’re generally a good gift. And if you’re going for that Gourmet Chef achievement, you need to do at least one.

Ah, the full breakfast – clearly the perfect way to start the day! But you have to do some work to get it! This recipe uses a lot of other cooking recipes. Before you start, you need recipes for fried eggs, hashbrowns, and pancakes, and you need a barn and cows for milk. The recipe only pops up in 2 years, so you have plenty of time to assemble what you need. With wheat flour that you can buy from Pierre (or make yourself in the summer and fall), eggs from your coop, and milk from your barn, you’re ready to turn your potato crop into the perfect breakfast. Definitely eat it before farming – the +2 boost will do wonders for your crop quality.

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No surprise here, the sea dish is perfect for snacking before going fishing. It is also not very difficult to get. Sardines are a very common catch when you fish the ocean between 6 AM and 6 PM, and hashbrowns are just potatoes and oil. You will get this food very soon – at level 3 fishing, which does not take long to arrive. Annoyingly, you have to wait for the hashbrown recipe that only pops up in the second year. But good news – you can get five seafood meals as a reward for completing the Specialty Fish Bundle at the Community Center. Let’s get into that fish!

While a sea dish is more effective for fishing, escargot gives you a slightly smaller fishing buff but applies it for three times as long. However, it is a bit complicated to prepare. The recipe is easy enough to get – although it takes a while to get 5 hearts with Willy, it’s far from impossible. Getting snails isn’t that easy – you have to stick a crab pot in a freshwater body – and without marina features, it’s only a 20% chance. Garlic is a quick and cheap spring crop, but it is only available from 2 years. So don’t expect to be serving escargot anytime before the second year.

If you thought a full breakfast was good – get ready for a much simpler farmer’s lunch. It behaves similarly to Escargot and Sea Dish – it gives a large farming buff, but has a slightly shorter duration. The recipe is easy to get, the game gives it to you when you reach farming level 3. Parsnip is one of the easiest ingredients to obtain in the game as it is instantly available and only takes 4 days to grow. The omelette is a bit hard. It requires eggs and milk, which in turn requires a coop and a hen and a barn and a cow. Although it may take some time to get going, once your animal production is complete, this recipe is a reliable go-to for all your farming needs.

How To Get Complete Breakfast Recipe Stardew Valley

And to cook this recipe, you have to do a lot. Getting the recipe is easy, just befriend Demetrius. Maybe with some nice bean hotpots? Although I associate mushrooms more with fall, this recipe is a spring dish because of the morels. This fungus thrives in Secret Woods and Forest Farms – especially in spring. In these same Secret Woods, you can also find common mushrooms during spring. To access these woods, you must first clear the entrance with a steel axe, which may take some time.

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You can farm both mushrooms in the farm cave after accumulating at least 25,000 gold. The last ingredient is oil, which you can get from Pierre or from your oil maker. The recipe is great to eat before you kill the monster – or to finally make grumpy old George happy.

Hashbrowns are weird. They are decent on their own and pretty easy to make. Just potatoes and oil. They even give a little temporary boost to your farming. However, they are good as part of another meal. Whether it’s for a seafood platter or a full breakfast, both of these dishes take the hashbrowns by storm in terms of impact. you too

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