Harvest Cobb Salad

I wasn’t going to post these pictures because the lighting came out really funky, but the salad was TOO DANG GOOD to pass up sharing with you lovely friends & readers today! 

As many of you know, I love a good salad. I love trying the different salad components together in different bites, and seeing how everything tastes together. The perfect salad, to me, has a little protein (in our case today, yummy eggs!), some light crunch from fresh fruit or veggies, some salty bacon, some toasted nuts, and a little bit of cheese. This salad uses a bunch of amazing ingredients, and when they all came together on the same plate…

holy smokes, guys. 

This salad isn’t tricky at all – but the prep is a little bit more than tossing a few ingredients in a bowl. I’m sure sizzling away that beautiful bacon to a crisp, toasting the glorious walnuts to roasted nutty perfection, and chopping up some of Fall’s favorite fruits aren’t a chore by any means! Especially when you cook up a couple extra slices of bacon for some prep-snacking. 🙂 

I know this salad looks dry as a bone – but that’s just the way I like it! Feel free to top it with your favorite vinaigrette or dressing. 

Life is taking a full trip to crazy land right now, all we can do is try to hang on with both hands as tightly as possible. Luckily, life also has lovely things like this salad for me to make for myself when the little one is sleeping, and I need an extra boost of energy to make it through until dinnertime. Hope you all had a great weekend, let’s start this week off healthy, and jump right into yummy foods like this beautiful salad asap! 

Harvest Cobb Salad

Makes 1 serving


3 C chopped romaine lettuce

1/2 C walnut pieces, toasted

1/2 apple, cubed 

2 eggs, hard boiled, chopped

1/2 pear, cubed

3 strips bacon, cooked until crisp, crumbled

1/2 C cherry craisins

handful of feta cheese

dressing of your choice


1. Prepare all the ingredients for assembly. Chop into small enough pieces so they can fit on a fork easily together. Lay out the romaine pieces on a plate, and then layer on the other salad components. Top with your choice of vinaigrette or a light salad dressing. 

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