French Dessert Recipes

French Dessert Recipes – Zut Alor’s! If there’s one thing the French are famous for, it’s cooking. So it stands to reason that their desserts will be something to write home about. And the best part? Our list of 26 French desserts is very easy to make… There are also the odd ‘grown up’ desserts in there. After all, what would France be without the odd touch of alcohol? Let’s dive right in.

Is there a better feeling in the world than breaking the top of a delicious Creme Brulee? Delicious and creamy vanilla ice cream layered to perfection and topped with a crisp, caramelized sugar crust? Making real cream can put a little strain on the egg supply. The key to setting it is to use a bain-marie. You soak your ramekins in hot water before baking them in the oven. This stops the cream from cooking too quickly and separating. We like to sprinkle the top of each Crème Brulee with brown sugar before giving it a blast with a small kitchen brush. However, this is not essential. A hot broiler will work just as well to caramelize the tops!

French Dessert Recipes

French Dessert Recipes

Financiers get their name from where they were sold in Paris, near the stock exchange! With any luck, sellers charged a premium. After all, they are designed to look like gold bars! The taste is certainly worth its weight in gold. These light sponge cakes taste like a mixture of browned butter with the sweetness of almonds. The key to these cakes is not to over bake them. You want them to be ever so slightly moist. They make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea!

We Love These Tasty French Dessert Recipes

Figs have been used in desserts for hundreds of years. And while they are delicious, sometimes it can be tricky to know how to use them. Figs become slightly sticky when ripe and really sweet, perfect for making a tart. When this is combined with the smooth and sweet almond cream, you have a perfect combination. To make this authentic, we recommend using fresh vanilla pods as well… you won’t find vanilla essence in a French kitchen!

This French Chocolate Bark recipe reminds me a bit of a chocolate rocky road cake without the cake. It is very easy to make and is a no bake recipe. It will take you a little less than 10 minutes. It’s basically a chocolate sheet filled with lots of sweets. You can use candy, fruit, or whatever you like!

Crepes are widespread throughout Europe (unless your British… And then you say ‘pancakes’). The best thing about crepes is that they can be filled with a whole variety of different sauces or toppings. Go sweet with Crepe Suzette, or switch to something a little more savory with sweet cream cheese. For a real European vibe to your crepes, smother them with Nutella and maybe a few slices of chopped banana.

Madeleines always remind me of sitting in a square in Paris. Some of these delicious little shells filled with sugar while people watched and drank coffee. They are quite easy and make a nice mid-day treat. They are like a cross between a cookie and a donut. You can also make them a little prettier by dipping them in chocolate. To get that unique shell shape, you’ll need a madeleine mold, but the standard round ones taste just as good if you don’t have one.

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I like a strong coffee with something that refreshes my palette. The French seem to be good at both. A French Lemon Tart is citrusy, tangy and really delicious. It’s not too heavy either. The key to making this recipe stand out is using quality lemon curd. You can invest in a pre-purchased store version or even consider making your own. It lasts forever and is a great accompaniment to all kinds of dishes.

A little wobbly, a little delicious, and a lot of fun? Sounds like my sweet tooth. This is like a softer version of crème brulee, as the elements are similar. A set cream, cooked in a bain-marie, covered with a layer of caramel. The only difference is that this is sharp instead of fresh. You can choose to make one giant custard or caramel or alternatively divide your custard mixture between smaller ramekins to serve to individual guests.

Ah, I absolutely love French toast. It’s like a cross between a pancake, an omelet, and regular fried bread. As with pancakes, this dessert is truly versatile. You can choose to top it with plain powdered sugar or go for something extra sweet. We like to add baileys to our french toast. Alternatively, serve with whipped cream and maple syrup.

French Dessert Recipes

Alcohol for dessert? Why not? It’s the weekend! This cocktail was created in World War I and is named after the 75 mm guns used. One thing is for sure, too many of these, and you will be under fire! It’s very strong stuff with a heady mix of champagne, gin and lemon juice. As an after-dinner nightcap, it’s sublime. Can you even finish the bottle? It would be a shame to leave the good champagne!

Floating Island Dessert

The French love a good strong coffee, and they also love dessert. Why not combine the two together? This is like an iced coffee float. We like to mix flavors and tastes by using vanilla and coffee ice cream, but either will work just as well on its own. If you’re pressed for time or have a surprise dinner, this is really easy to whip up in minutes and will leave your guests in awe (and awake).

Another bad one here. The taste of sweet berries mixed with fresh bubbly champagne, what’s not to love? This is super easy to do. Simply pour some blackcurrant liqueur into a champagne flute and top it off with fizz. If you don’t have champagne, prosecco will work just as well (just make sure you don’t tell your guests, especially if they’re French). We like to finish our kir royale with a frozen berry.

Yoghurt and dairy products are present on French dinner tables every day, so it would be strange not to include at least one recipe that includes it. Yogurt tastes really great, especially when topped with fresh fruit. It also serves to keep this cake really moist. You can spice it up a bit by adding chocolate chips, nuts, or even small pieces of candy.

This dessert is part cake and part cookie. Either way, we think they’re amazing. You’ll find layers of these lovingly arranged in corner bakeries across France. The best thing is that they only use 5 different ingredients. There’s just enough butter, but very little sugar, so they’re not

Exquisite French Pastries You Can’t Resist When Visiting Paris

Difficult to pronounce? Not really, repeat after me…. Stem-egg-nardeh. Simple or not? Flaugnarde is a type of pancake filled with fruit. Except you don’t cook it in a pan, you bake it! Our favorite topping is a strawberry layer. As they ripen, they caramelize and become less and less pale. This sinks into the batter, giving you little pink bites of sublime taste. It works so well with a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream.

Meringues are a true Parisian confection. They can be a little tricky to get right. It’s basically egg foam, bound with sugar and baked until the outside is crispy. The perfect meringue should be chewy in the middle. The key to meringue is to not overcook it. Brown meringue? No thanks. Make sure it doesn’t get dusty either!

Imagine a cross between a profiterole and a doughnut. The result will not be far from beignets. These little pillows are like a donut. They are fried, so they turn golden brown on the outside. The difference is that, because of the dough, they are a little lighter. The ideal way to serve these is to cut them into bite-sized cubes.

French Dessert Recipes

Is there a better pairing than rum, brown sugar and vanilla? These delicious little cakes can be a little grown up and are not terribly easy to make. But get them right, and they’ll become a firm favorite. They originate in southern France. If you cook them right, you end up with a slightly crisp crust that gives way to a soft, creamy center.

Best Mille Feuille Recipe

No list of French desserts would be complete without croissants. While traditionally eaten for breakfast, they also make a great dessert. You can split the croissants and add chocolate chips before baking or create a hot chocolate dipping sauce to serve alongside.

Choux pastry is tricky to get right, but once you know how you’ll be able to make all kinds of cakes, eclairs, profiteroles and of course… Cream puffs! They are really versatile as you can fill them with whatever you want. Add some melted chocolate to your frosting, make a simple frosting, or even add cream cheese for something more delicious.

Want a no-bake dessert that’s super sweet and easy?

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