Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe – My philosophy when it comes to planning a menu for a party is very good: what will taste good and be very easy to put together. I don’t like to spend the whole party in the kitchen by myself. No thanks.

If I’m preparing for a dinner party with multiple courses, then I expect a lot of prep work. But for our housewarming party, I had decided to give something small, enough. And if people stayed later, we could always order pizza. 🙂

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

Anyway, I thought I’d share three appetizers I served in case any of you have a party and want some ideas.

Over 100 Tasty Finger Foods & Easy Appetizers

First, I “made” these blueberry ricotta toasts. They are poured with honey and salt + a little pepper. I like to serve them with an aromatic herb on a serving board as they are not aromatic. I used basil (because I already had some), but rosemary or sage would be good choices as well.

I baked the bread the day before the party and stored it in a gallon size ziplock bag. Then about forty-five minutes before the guests arrive, I spread over the ricotta and top with blueberries and honey. Simple.

If I was craving for height, I would have made my own ricotta. But… I wasn’t there that week. 🙂

Second, I made watermelon and feta skewers. I can’t remember where I first got this combination together. I feel like it was at someone’s wedding. Hmmm. I do not remember. But juicy watermelon works better than feta. I don’t have a photo of the table, but I provided this alongside the balsamic vinegar that guests could pour or dip on. But these are great without that too.

Quick Appetizer Recipes That Are Ready In 20 Minutes Or Less

The only way to prepare these things is to cut watermelons into cubes the size of feta cubes. This makes a good suggestion. Also, remember to buy a seedless watermelon to save your guests the trouble. 🙂

These cheddar tomato tarts were the hardest thing on the menu, but they were also my favorite. They taste like pizza, so I loved them. 🙂

You cut out small circles (or hearts) of puff pastry with a cookie cutter. Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with a little white cheddar cheese (grated), then top with a slice of green tomato. Bake at 325°F for 20-25 minutes, until the wings begin to brown and look crispy. Top with a small basil leaf (or chopped basil) before serving.

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

I made my tarts the day before and warmed them up in the oven before the guests arrived.

Easy Cocktail Party Appetizers

Thanks for letting me share! If you have any easy party recipes that you are known for, tell us. no. EmmaHoliday party season is just around the corner, and I’ve rounded up my favorite easy, quick, and/or original Holiday Cocktail Party Favors to make your prep so easy!

We are all about to reach the final corner of the holiday season. Deep yoga breaths, all together now.

To be perfectly honest, I love the madness. I can leave that pile of clean clothes in the basket and completely excuse myself for not being able to keep the house clean because I’m too busy “remembering things”. My ever-increasing consumption of bacon and chocolate is becoming “celebratory”, and there are endless reasons to keep a liquor tray stocked with bourbon. Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Also, festivals. As a former event planner, I absolutely love parties, even if throwing them together makes me feel like an unhinged slob dressed in glittery flats. That’s why I have a collection of easy and quick appetizers to make the holiday party planning more realistic. It’s the most important part of event planning success – simple accessories + lots o’ booze + waterproof mascara.

Of The Best Appetizer Recipes You Will Ever Make

Last week I shared some of my new and old favorites, and this week I’m rounding up over 20 easy, quick, make-your-own cocktail party appetizers. From me and my friends to you – you’re welcome. Rejoice!

A combination of brie and cranberry is the gold standard of holiday fare, and this cranberry brie recipe delivers! The cranberry jam and crostini can be made ahead of time, so you’ll only need 10 minutes the day of the party to throw together this delicious two-bite treat.

Every holiday party needs a deviled egg, and Cam rocks this version. He likes himself a scrambled egg or ten at a grocery store party, and the addition of Sriracha to this recipe has him all over the place.

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

Ah, the cheese ball. A ubiquitous holiday party, it’s a favorite of young and old alike. I love a good old cheese ball, but these little guys? See. No. Interesting. It’s ready in just 15 minutes

Easy Finger Foods And Party Appetizers To Serve

These guys are easy, fast, fresh and colorful for the season. They are ready in just 20 minutes. I can also call them a

I had four ingredients, and the bacon bonus was one of them – that’s my kind of preparation for the food festival.

. These take a little longer than 30 minutes, but you can do the prep work ahead of time and pop those bad boys in the oven before party time.

Thank you, my vegan friends, for making me go crazy and coming up with this recipe for the best bruschetta I’ve ever had. Honestly, who knew beans could be so good?

Easy Christmas Appetizers Recipes

Proof that I’m not a bacon eater 100% of the time, as evidenced by how much my schedule fell off the table when I saw these amazing canapés. Hello beautiful – come into my belly.

Yes, more bacon. Because if you can’t eat too much bacon during the holidays, it’s just not fun.

My friend Lindsay makes the most delicious cheese boards, and this one is no exception. There really isn’t a “recipe” on the cheese and charcuterie board, but I always look to his boards as inspiration to find the right balance of cheesy, meaty, crispy, and salty for my table. of the food festival. It’s an ace.

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

No cocktail party is complete without a dip (or two…or three!), and I’d love to serve up this sweet, tangy, and delicious green bean goddess. Naturally vegan and gluten-free, it’s healthy, yet delicious and creamy, a great dip to make for the holiday menu.

Minute Christmas Party Pinwheel Tree Appetizer

Pumpkin. Beer. Pretzels. Close the front door. These take a little work and preparation and planning ahead, but in my extensive experience making pretzels (seriously, I love homemade pretzels so much), I have a lot of confidence. that you can make these in advance, and easily repeat before the party time to find. the cheese is soft and gooey again.

Yes, lobster fries. Cheesy, briny, chivy, delicious crab fries. This would be an excellent choice for an intimate tapas-style gathering with a small group of friends rather than a traditional cocktail party. This is mostly because I always had a plate of fries in front of me and would sometimes give a fry, maybe two, to a friend. If you’re not greedy and you’re not as bad as I am, a big pile of these can be a great family treat. Prepare that crab ahead of time and this delicious plate will be ready in less than 30 minutes.

. Oh la la. These mini squash tarts are a delicious two-bite holiday treat. They look pretty and fancy, but thanks to the magic of puff pastry, they’re easy to pull together.

That’s right. This, all day. Please thank you Santa. Also with bacon, so you know exactly how much discipline I show throughout the month of December. Also that level of horseradish dip is perfection. 30 minutes, and this could win you the coveted host with the ultimate prize you’ve been chasing.

Make Ahead Christmas Appetizers (easy & Fun!)

I like these. Simple, elegant, colorful, fast and fresh. Make them ahead of time, or set aside 20 minutes before party time. Or better yet, have an assistant do them

I was desperate and desperate when my friend Elaine posted these risotto shrooms in the fall and I’m still very much into them. She makes them with a lazy lady’s risotto, which means she’s smart and thrifty — AKA, the sweet hero of the cocktail party.

These are lovely, and I’m 99% sure that the explosion of flavor that will occur in my mouth will be amazing.

Easy Party Appetizer Recipe

Spice up your cocktail party with these gingerbread nuts. I’m sure there’s a dirty joke somewhere, and I’m sure one of you will.

Easy Italian Salad Skewers

I’m not usually a fan of chicken salad, but Katie from Healthy Seasonal Recipes has won me over with these easy, quick and seasonal bites. Moreover, he painted them with wine. It’s a big win. 15 minutes of fun friends!

More brie and cranberry – YAZ! Erin from Well Plated pulls this fun bomb that’s sure to please everyone in the park. They should be called crackberry brie, because they are. It’s a recipe

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