Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids – Kids LOVE desserts, but kids LOVE fun desserts even more! With summer coming to an end faster than we care to admit, it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school treats and recipes. These are the types of desserts you most likely want to serve every day (even if your kids don’t agree), but wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your kids with a fun dessert like this once in a while? Maybe in their lunch box, as an after school treat or after dinner? My mom used to make this for my sisters and me and we still remember how much fun it was:

These SUPER SOFT Sprinkle Pudding Cookies are so easy and packed with vanilla flavor! This is the best spread cookie recipe because it’s so easy, buttery, and delicious!

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

When was the last time you made something this colorful, happy and absolutely MAGICAL? Lucky Charms Caramel is pure fun (and lots of sweets!)

Easy Paleo Desserts With Minimal Ingredients %

Looking for an easy spring dessert? These pastel rainbow gelatin cups are easy, kid-friendly, and beautiful! Serve plain or with whipped cream and sprinkles!

These soft batch cookies are made with a combination of butter and cream cheese, which makes them extra rich and tasty!

Do you think your kids will love this sweet treat? Mine for sure! So pretty and yet so easy to make.

A kid-friendly, gluten-free version of the classic Rice Krispie treat from Honey Nut Cheerios! Only 3 ingredients and 5 minutes are required.

Easy Baking Recipes For Kids To Start With

“Fudgy delicious Rolo Brownie” is an incredibly delicious dessert. It is filled with caramel and chocolate and topped with a delicious chocolate ganache.

Everything you love about cookie dough in a simple, no-bake, 4-ingredient dip. The dip loaded with great funfetti flavors is great for any occasion!

The colorful, sweet and easy-to-make, fruity, pebbled rice krispie treats will be a hit wherever you serve them! These treats take minutes to put together, are easy to transport, and only require 6 ingredients.

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

A magical pastel rainbow, fluffy mini marshmallows and warm, creamy white chocolate. This quick and easy recipe makes a great surprise drink on a cold winter’s day or a delicious treat for a special birthday party or celebration.

No Bake Chocolate Cookie Pops

The Cookie Monster Ice Cream recipe is a cookie lover’s dream! This cold, vanilla, creamy ice cream is painted blue for fun and topped with cookies and chocolate chips!

The neighborhood kids devoured them within minutes! Lazy chocolate chip cookies are the easiest cookies

Peanut butter and jelly cookie slices turn a classic sandwich into a delicious cookie! Soft and chewy, they make the perfect dessert, baked goods, casserole dessert, or after-school snack.

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake is a super easy homemade cake batter that turns into a beautiful chocolate cake with warm caramel inside. If you and your family need a little more of that magic in your life, here are 10 dessert recipes the kids will love. make – and eat!

Favorite Mini Dessert Recipes

Brazilian carrot cupcakes made in a blender, baked and then decorated as desired are an easy and tasty program for children.

These Cupcake Flower Pots are a great edible craft for kids, especially in the spring. They also make the perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift.

Well, there are no eggs in this cookie dough recipe, so you can eat whatever you want without a problem!

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

These Rainbow Painted Sugar Cookies are easy to make. Kids will love “painting” the cookies into a unique dessert or snack.

Easy & Healthy No Bake Recipes For Kids

One of the great things about this idea is that it can be adapted to any holiday or special occasion.

Not only is this no-bake recipe super easy, but cookie decorating is a fun activity for all ages!

This rainbow colored edible marshmallow coloring is easy to use to decorate cakes, marshmallows and even paper.

With just a few ingredients and no mixer, these chocolate coconut macarons are quick and easy to put together.

Easy Christmas Treats To Make With Your Kids

These nut-free, no-bake Apple Pie Bliss Balls are a delicious snack that keeps well in the fridge or freezer. No-Bake recipes for kids include everything from snacks to meals, drinks and desserts. If your kids love to cook, they’ll love trying these delicious recipes. Grab your apron and cook!

Are you a budding chef ready to unleash your creativity? These no-bake recipes are great for young cooks to learn independence in the kitchen. Let the kids cook as they follow step-by-step delicious and nutritious recipes. No baking time is required for any of the 70 easy, no-bake recipes!

These healthy, no-bake cookies are ready in less than 10 minutes and are a delicious snack idea! They also have gluten-free, vegan and allergen-friendly options!

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

Wondering how to make cookie dough bites? Look no further. This oatmeal cookie dough snack recipe is easy for kids to make and is safe to eat raw.

Chocolate Crazy Cake

Mermaid Ice Cream is one of the best homemade ice cream recipes for kids. They’ll have so much fun choosing their favorite mermaid colors to mix into this frozen treat!

This S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe is the perfect SUPER EASY summer recipe. Turn up the heat with ice cream, chocolate ice cream and marshmallow flakes frozen between two graham crackers. Kids will go crazy for this fun and easy Ice Cream Sandwiches hack. Nothing beats an ice cold one on a hot summer day!

A simple orange smoothie that tastes like an Orange Julius. Puree fresh oranges with milk and vanilla – a delicious way to get more fruit into your family!

Hot Chocolate Bombs is a homemade Hot Chocolate mix recipe that is super creamy, extra chocolaty, and made with simple ingredients.

Easy, No Bake Dessert Recipes For Kids

Funfetti Yogurt Pops are made with delicious ingredients, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with colorful sprinkles. These popsicles are the ultimate desserts to have as a weekend or weekend treat!

Everyone goes crazy for these chocolate covered pretzel sticks dipped in melted caramel and chocolate and topped with their favorite toppings.

Canadian Bacon and French Toast Kabobs make a fun and tasty breakfast! Loaded with fresh fruit, Canadian bacon and French toast, these will be your new favorite way to eat breakfast!

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

The Lunch Kabob is a cool and exciting twist on lunch or a snack. The kabobs filled with kid-friendly ingredients are sure to be a hit with everyone!

Easy 3 Ingredient No Bake Desserts

Get ready for the best BLT salad dressing ever – this recipe is exceptional! Plus, this BLT salad is loaded with fresh lettuce, crispy bacon, bright tomatoes, and crunchy croutons. An easy salad that will get kids excited about eating vegetables!

Mug Pizza is a delicious microwave meal for kids that can be made in 5 minutes and customized to your family’s taste. Pizza in a mug is an easy dinner idea for kids that is fun to make!

A tasty twist on the classic crispy Ramen salad made with fresh ingredients. It can be prepared quickly and easily with cabbage salad. The kids will have fun tossing this salad together!

Learn how to make Tuna Sushi Rolls from canned tuna for a delicious kid-friendly lunch or dinner idea. Learn how to make your own sushi rolls at home in a few simple steps.

Easy Easter Dessert Recipes That You’ll Love

Turkey Ranch Club Wraps are a quick and easy lunch or dinner! They are filled with turkey and bacon, ranch dressing, and taste like a million bucks!

Healthy Turkey Roll-Ups or Turkey “Sushi” is a simple yet fun lunch that kids can make themselves.

This turkey stew recipe is great for kids and adults alike. Pair sun-dried tomato puree with fresh deli turkey, a dollop of provolone cheese, and your favorite whole-wheat tortilla for a delicious snack or lunch on the go!

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

With pita bread slices filled with hummus, feta cheese and veggies, these No Bake Greek Bites are a fantastic after school snack for kids. They are easy to prepare and delicious to eat!

Easy Ice Cream Sundae Dessert Recipe: How To Make It

Cheese boards aren’t just for adults anymore. Learn how to make a kid-friendly cheese board that kids will love.

Cobb salad is a classic American salad with chicken, bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato, avocado, lettuce and blue cheese.

Simple peanut butter energy balls are the perfect snack. They become recipes full of nutrition and just 4-5 ingredients in your home.

This layered taco dip recipe is lower in calories and fat than other versions of this traditional chip dip, but retains all the flavor!

Easter Dessert Recipes (easy And Funny Ideas)

Rainbow Breakfast Wraps can quickly make the perfect breakfast. Packed with granola, Greek yogurt and colorful fruit, this wrap gives kids a boost to start their day.

Chocolate dipped waffle cone fruit cups are a simple and fun treat. Fruit waffle cones are dipped in melted chocolate and then filled with fresh fruit for a healthy dessert idea any day of the week.

Get a healthy edge with these mini superfruit breakfast wraps. An easy recipe for children to create independently right before school.

Easy Dessert Recipes For Kids

These fruity spring rolls with strawberries, kiwi, blueberries and mango are the perfect dessert for hot summer days. I like them best with strawberry dipping sauce or chocolate sauce!

Easy Dessert Recipes


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