Dried Macaroni Seblak Recipe – Recipe 4

Macaroni Seblak Recipe Spicy dry. Let’s guess where this dish came from?, there is a wet gravy too, how to make this culinary is the same or not?, here it is open.

Admin is sure there are those who don’t know what kind of food that is. The answer is a food or snack originating from Bandung or Garut, basically from Sunda, seblak is in dry form (seblak crackers), but now it can be found in wet form (wet seblak), the difference between wet and dry recipes is that the seblak is dry. The crackers are cooked (dry) then seasoned while the wet seblak crackers are raw and then soaked/boiled first and then seasoned, unlike this Seblak Macaroni Recipe.
see before Seblak gravyThe seasoning of seblak macaroni both contains the main ingredients, namely red chili and kencur and usually tastes spicy.

Macaroni Seblak Recipe

Recipe for Seblak Macaroni can be spicy

That’s why it’s not like the name if it’s not spicy, here the kencur seasoning itself functions as a neutralizer of the spicy taste in seblak dishes.

How to make a simple special delicious dry macaroni seblak

This traditional culinary menu is often found in cafes or restaurants that offer this food menu, especially in the city of Bandung. Even the Recipe for Seblak Dry Macaroni can also be found in the form of ready-made (instant) packaging like instant noodles in general. Just soak in hot water and mix the spices (which have been packaged), then the dish is ready to be enjoyed.

The basic ingredients of wet seblak were crackers at first, but now, wet seblak can be found in the form of wet macaroni (seblak macaroni), wet claws, wet meatballs, mushrooms, and others, basically a lot.

Okay, for those of you who want to try to make your own macaroni, you can, Recipe 4 Prepare delicious dishes this time.

Ingredients for Seblak Macaroni Recipe:

  • 1 cup tube macaroni
  • Wet kwetiau adjust the amount of macaroni
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tablespoons cooking oil for frying
  • enough water
  • enough salt
  • enough chicken stock (if any)

Seasoning seblak this macaroni puree first:

  • 2 red onions
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 finger kencur (must have)
  • Cayenne pepper to taste

Steps How to make Seblak macaroni

  1. – First Saute all the ground spices until fragrant.
  2. – Then add eggs to scramble.
  3. Then add water and macaroni, bring to a boil and wait until the macaroni is half cooked.
  4. – Next Enter the kwetiau mix well.
  5. – Next step Add salt and powdered broth, mix well.
  6. – Now you wait a moment until the water shrinks a bit.
  7. – The last step, when it’s shrunk enough, lift it up, then serve it on a serving plate, we’re done with our macaroni recipe bro.

So, a bag of dried macaroni is ready to be served and enjoyed together, it’s quite easy isn’t it?, it’s almost no different from the fried noodles that we are very familiar with, this dish can be another alternative to noodle-based foods, very delicious and worth it. you try. Good luck and good luck with Macaroni Seblak Recipe Our dry.

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