Dessert Recipes Easy

Dessert Recipes Easy – If you love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, these no-bake chocolate topped peanut butter bars are for you. Easy to make and ready to eat in less than 30 minutes!

These peanut butter bars are super easy to make and are ready to eat in 30 minutes or less! Chances are you have most of these ingredients in your pantry, if not all of them.

Dessert Recipes Easy

Dessert Recipes Easy

Recipes that don’t require baking are simple and great any time of the year. While they’re a year-round treat, these peanut butter bars are especially amazing in the summer, when you don’t want to crank up your stove. And with them being quick to make, they’re perfect for an unexpected company or last minute teen request.

Chocolate Peppermint 4 Layer Dessert

CHOCOLATE – I prefer to use baking chocolate for these bars as it is easier to melt in my opinion, however, you can also use chocolate chips. Semi-sweet, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate are all great options.

PEANUT BUTTER – I used regular creamy peanut butter for this recipe. I have not tested this recipe with natural peanut butter. In natural peanut butter, the oil separates from the butter itself so I’m not sure if the bars will harden completely. Some of my readers have suggested adding animal cracker/graham cracker crumbs to help it establish better if you take this route.

Step by step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how to make this recipe. You can go to Recipe to get a printable version of this recipe, complete with measurements and instructions below.

You can use a hand mixer or even a blender if you don’t have a food processor. We prefer a food processor because it makes for the smoothest mixture.

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This recipe uses semi sweet chocolate for topping. If you want it a little sweeter, and closer to the flavor of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, add a little chocolate milk for semi-sweet. I like to use baking chocolate, but you can certainly use chocolate chips instead.

Yes, absolutely. I would suggest flash freezing the bars first, remove them from the freezer once they are mostly frozen, then transfer them to a large ziptop bag or airtight container. Reduce for 3 months.

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Dessert Recipes Easy

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Serving: 1 bar | Calories: 329 cal | Carbohydrates: 29 g Protein: 7 g | Fat: 22 g Fat Fat: 10 g | Cholesterol: 21 mg Sodium: 184 mg Potassium: 191 mg | Fiber: 2 g | Sugar: 24 g Vitamin A: 240 IU Calcium: 18 mg | Iron: 1.2 mg

This recipe was originally published on April 15, 2013 but has been updated with expert advice and new photos.

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In short, in no time you will have to turn on your stove. No home heating in the hot summer months. No cranking the AC so you can do something delish. It’s just easy peasy!

Easy Fall Dessert Recipes

Ready for the list? Remember, these are ranked in order of popularity and end with the most popular dessert I’ve shared this year. All the fun, packed with flavor, and guaranteed to make you the star of the party!

Can you guess what made it into the #1 spot? (Meaning: It has been shared 400,000 times and viewed more than a million times here! And the results are all the same… “it’s great”!)

No-Churn Ice Cream is soft and creamy homemade vanilla ice cream made in just minutes with no ice cream maker required! This recipe is really, really good. Most taste testers have no idea that it’s not the real deal (ice cream machine) ice cream!

Dessert Recipes Easy

Banana Cream Pie is a refreshing, creamy banana pudding poured into a vanilla wafer pie crust, topped with more bananas and a homemade whipped topping. Essentially decadent and rich and delicious, this is a must-do!

The 5 Easy Desserts That Go With Almost Any Meal

The Golden Oreo dessert is an empty pudding dessert with layers of white chocolate and vanilla cookie crust, cream cheese, more cookies, cinnamon pudding, and whipped cream. To finish it all, I added some white chocolate curls for decoration.

Peanut Pudding is a creamy homemade peanut butter pudding that is the perfect snack or after-dinner treat. Top it with some homemade whipped cream and sprinkle with peanuts for some extra crunch!

Peaches and Cream Pie is a no-nonsense dessert made with a shortbread cookie crust, sweet peach filling, a layer of cream cheese, and topped with homemade whipped cream. If you love peaches, make sure you make my Perfect Peach Pie!

Easy peasy summer dessert! This recipe is perfect for your next block party or BBQ for a few reasons:

Really Easy Dessert Recipes (6 Ingredients Or Less)

Four simple ingredients are all you need to make Oreo Fluff. I made mine in a stand mixer but you can definitely use a hand mixer. Heck, you can even try whisking it by hand if you need a little practice before making this delicious treat!

This pie has two main components…a rich caramel filling and a flaky crust. That mile-high buttery deliciousness is a

A lemon mousse from scratch is usually made from eggs and heavy cream with quite a bit of fresh lemon juice. It is subtle and creamy and often has a sweet component of tart with sweetness. This recipe is also subtle and delicious, but only takes 5 minutes! You still get the smooth and creamy-in-your-mouth flavor of traditional lemon mousse, only using a fraction of the time in your kitchen!

Dessert Recipes Easy

So what exactly is this ‘cookie salad’? It’s more of a fluff recipe with a little cookie sprinkled on it. The note in my MIL’s church cookbook said, “Can be served as a salad or dessert.” I definitely want to go to a food party where this is considered a side salad! 😂 Another great reason to make this dessert… it’s not BAKE! Perfect for hot summer nights.

Easy Dessert Recipes

This recipe is a little different in that I tried the “viral” recipe and ended up loving it. It’s the SOFTEST Rice Krispy bar you’ll ever try – and it stays soft for days! I love a no-bake dessert I can make ahead of time.

If you want the best sweet snack but don’t want to light the oven, these are the cookies for you. They basically taste exactly like a special-k bar with a few small changes. They are cookies, very easy to make, and I added marshmallow instead of chocolate. I also use Chex cereal in place of Special-K cereal as the kids have a friend on who is gluten free, and Rice Chex is naturally gluten free. How awesome is that?

This lemon pie is very easy. How easy is it? Only 8 ingredients pull together in under 5 minutes!

Let’s talk for a minute about how I achieved the lemon flavor in this cream pie. Homemade lemon pie uses corn starch, eggs, granulated sugar, and requires baking. I tried to get the same flavor by using a combination of REAL lemon juice and lemon extract, combined with confectioners sugar and cream cheese base…and NO cooking required. The results were fantastic!

Fabulous Spring Desserts

This recipe is perfect for when you want the silky smooth enjoyment of Cheesecake but don’t want to turn on your oven! Creamy and delicious velvety cheesecake filling with perfect Oreo Cookie Crust.

This orange creamsicle mousse is super easy, and with only 7 ingredients it comes together in under 5 minutes. Let’s talk for a minute about how we achieve that traditional “cream” flavor. The cream bar that you can find at the grocery store usually has a vanilla ice cream base and is topped with flavored orange ice cream. Since we are creating a creamy mousse, we want the same flavor combination, but in a light and creamy version. I tried to get the same flavor by using a combination of REAL orange juice and orange juice, combined with powdered sugar and a cream cheese base. The results were fantastic!

I have to tell you, I refuse

Dessert Recipes Easy

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