Delicious Dry Green Bean Onde-onde Recipe

Onde Onde Recipe Dried Ijo Beans are delicious with savory filling. Want to know how to make this round cake wrapped in sesame?, please continue reading here. Cake boiled rice cake we can find it very easily, in stalls and even selling hawkers we are often offered this food vendor, so it means that this cake has really been liked by many so that even street vendors have the courage to sell this cake. So it’s not wrong if we as Indonesian citizens help preserve the recipe too how to make dumplings this green bean so as not to become extinct / claimed by other countries.

Onde Onde Recipe
Onde Onde Recipe delicious dry green bean filling

There are two processes that you have to go through when making this cake made from glutinous rice flour, for the green bean filling and the onde skin itself, which is clear when you finish cooking and taste it, it will taste dry and delicious, there’s nothing to lose. read also banana sponge recipe soft soft.

Yummy and Savory Dry Green Bean Onde Onde Recipe

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This Onde Onde cake filled with Green / Green Beans is quite unique and it turns out that there are many variations of flavors and shapes such as laughter, brown sugar, black sticky rice, etc. and each region has its own uniqueness as well as the recipe / method of making this onde onde cake.

Description of onde recipe food:

Preparation time Cooking time Total Cooking Portion
1 Hour 20 Minutes 20 minutes 1 hour 20 minutes 5 Person

Ingredients for the contents of Onde Onde Recipe:

20 grams Green or green beans, peeled clean
100 ml coconut milk
125 grams of sugar
4 teaspoons vanilla powder
1 pandan leaf
4 teaspoons salt

– First Green beans / green steamed 30 minutes, remove and mashed.
Then cook the sugar, coconut milk, salt, vanilla powder and pandan leaves. mix green beans until smooth. Remove and set aside.
– Finally, form a small ball the size of a marble.

Ingredients for leather Onde onde recipe

500 grams glutinous rice flour
75 grams of rice flour
250 grams of sugar
150 ml of warm water
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 tsp vanilla powder

– First Combine rice flour, glutinous rice flour, salt, and vanilla powder then mix well.
– Then pour the hot water into the flour mixture little by little, stir until the dumpling dough becomes pliable.
– Next take about two tablespoons of flour dough, then shape it flat in your hand, then make a hollow.
– Now this basin is filled with green bean filling, then close this dough and shape it round again.

Last recipe ingredients

  • 200 grams of sesame seeds
  • Enough cold water
  • Enough cooking oil

recipe How to make Green Bean Onde Onde

  1. – First, take the dumplings filled with green beans and dip them in cold water
  2. – Then roll the wet onde-onde cake over the sesame sprinkles until the sesame seeds stick to the entire surface of the onde-onde
  3. – Now heat the pan and fill the cooking oil over medium heat
  4. – Finally, fry the onde-onde cake sprinkled with sesame until it floats and is golden, remove it, then carry it out until all the onde is fried, you’re done Onde Onde recipe his.

Nutrition Info How to make Onde Onde:

Calories Fat Protein Cholesterol
125 Calories 10 grams 4.5 grams 40.5 mg

Well, mom, finally finished reviewing this recipe article, This cake dish that has been recognized as delicious by everyone is very worthy of you to try in the kitchen, because who knows the results may exceed the delicious taste that is out there, so you can have a business making this onde. ok mom and sis who are in cyberspace, good luck trying the recipe and how to make dumplings the contents of this delicious dry green bean from Recipe 4 cao.

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