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Chicken Nuggets Recipe Crispy delicious too. Hmhmhmm how to make or make this food so that everyone can make it at home, the contents of the nuggets can be vegetables plus cheese too. it will be very delicious for sure, if you know the processing of food in this mill, of course you can cook every day for the dooong family, your baby will be very happy with chicken nuggets mixed with cheese, this is also delicious crispy fried chicken recipe here, continue this, as a result you don’t need to buy food like this outside, right?. Yessshss Chicken Nugget has become one of the instant food / fast food in the international arena.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe
chicken nuggets recipe

I don’t know who was the first to serve this chicken (poultry) nuggets food. What is clear is that the ground chicken has spread, including at Mc Donald’s. Actually, there are many choices of various nuggets out there, in convenience stores, several models of nuggets can be purchased, various & various mixtures of ingredients such as; chicken, fish, vegetables, shrimp, cheese & more. So, do we still need to make this delicious chicken nuggets recipe again???. RESEP4blogspotcom I think many of us / readers want to know & also want to be able to process, hopefully later there will be no need to buy again, if we all make our own, the results will be healthier, also guaranteed cleanliness, right??? recipe / how to make chicken nuggets delicious which is of course special.

Chicken Nuggets recipe ingredients:

  • 500 grams
    ground chicken, – fresh
  • 5 pieces
    white bread, – the skin is removed
  • 2 pieces
    chicken eggs, – then beat first
  • 1 piece
    Cheese, any brand of grated
  • 2 pieces
    fresh carrots, then finely grated
  • Sufficiently
    Pepper powder
  • 100 ml
    boiled water,-clean
  • sufficiently
  • 4 pieces
    garlic, – crushed first
  • Just a little

Frying ingredients for delicious Chicken Nugget Recipe:

  • Sufficiently
    Cooking oil, – any brand
  • Sufficiently
    Chicken eggs, – beaten
  • Sufficiently
    Panir flour, – any brand

Process Tips How to make delicious Chicken Nuggets

  1. – First of all, friends, mix all the ingredients, from the chicken to the sugar, then stir until it’s evenly distributed.

  2. – Then prepare by my friend a 20cm baking pan, spread it evenly with butter.

  3. – Next, friend, pour the nugget mixture into the pan, flatten the dough and then steam it for 20-30 minutes.

  4. – Well, when the food candidate has cooked (we call it: emulsion), then let it cool for some time, then cut it into pieces as you like / better or beautiful printed with nugget molds.

  5. – The last step Dip the printed nugget / emulsion ingredients into the chicken egg mixture, then coat with breadcrumbs (even) and fry a little dry so it doesn’t get soggy. Yeap, we’re done cooking our delicious Chicken Naget.

Here are a few tips, how to make chicken nuggets: this recipe can also make fish and shrimp nuggets (seafood) just change the main ingredients. soo please keep it in the freezer so that it is frozen because otherwise the nuggets will be damaged quickly due to micro-organisms.

Nachh loyal RECIPES 4 visitors, if you have the recipe for nuggets this time, it’s better to serve the nuggets & eat them in time about nuggets the food is still warm and also provide spicy chili sauce, wow, it’s delicious, even without ground cheese, it’s delicious. Well, that’s the post for the recipe for processing our Delicious Chicken Naget, tchuss.

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Cooking time duration: 45 minutes, to : 12 pieces ,

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Recipe for how to make delicious chicken nuggets with cheese


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