Complete recipe for typical Bandung block cake

Typical Bandung Cake Recipe Very complete. Traditional cakes that are quite unique and must be tried come from the flower city which is often a paradise for Indonesian culinary lovers. made from materials that are easily available, for example: Wheat flour, chicken eggs, sugar, clean water, butter and then added with various spices such as baking soda, permifan and salt. All the ingredients for this block cake are mixed and then stirred until evenly distributed. If it feels right, then it is then cooked into a metal mold that is burned with two sides of the brazier filled with hot charcoal blushing in two parts.

Typical Bandung Cake Recipe

Complete Block Cake Recipe

Now, this is what you have to think about when making it, so that later the block cake that you make doesn’t fail and has a delicious taste like the ones traded by the brothers, is that okay? quite satisfying too, so dare to share here.
The dough for the typical Bandung cake recipe is first put into a metal mold and baked over charcoal coals. After it is half cooked and if you want to fill it with toppings (chocolate/cheese/nuts/raisins), then the top of the cake is placed on top of a vessel filled with hot charcoal. So, top down baked.

Well, not all master this baking technique, so not all of them can cook the cake perfectly. Sometimes, there are only the top is crispy but the bottom is soft. Vice versa. No need to be surprised, if you are near the block cake fireplace, the air is so hot that it spreads. You have to be extra careful and have to withstand the heat when we are near the toaster when checking the block cake is cooked or not. By using this Block Cake Recipe technique everything will fit when it enters the mouth. Even special dishes are also given for those who want to be really fresh from the oven, even though we have to be willing to wait for a while.

With the double-sided brazier technique in how to make this block cake, it turns out that food can last up to five days. very suitable as souvenirs for the city of Bandung or maybe snacks for the whole family at night. Usually the block cake is positioned as a friend to eat bitter black coffee, it’s okay if you see this brown sugar steamed sponge recipe made into cakes, dipped and then eaten.

Typical Bandung Cake Recipe

Materials to be provided:

  • 500 grams of flour, any brand
  • 1/2 kg of sugar
  • 1/2 kg egg
  • 1 pack of milk
  • 2 pieces of vanilla powder
  • 2 pieces of baking soda
  • Enough Margarine

How to Make a Typical Bandung Block Cake Complete

  1. – First of all mix these ingredients; sugar and eggs, beat until smooth and frothy.
  2. – Then add margarine here, beat again until blended.
  3. – Next add the baking soda, vanilla, and milk sachets, stir until evenly distributed.
  4. – Give a little water, but remember to make sure the dough is not too runny nor too thick.
  5. – Now you can heat the block cake mold.
  6. – When the cake mold is hot: pour the dough into the mold and cook until it is cooked and also expands.
  7. – If it is considered cooked, please lift it, and store it on a serving plate. finished our block cake recipe, eat it.

So it’s very easy if you look at the composition of the ingredients above, it’s different from tokyo banana recipe, agree or not?. ok, boss, it’s the end Typical Bandung Cake Recipe Complete at this time.

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