Chicken Avocado Grilled Wrap

There are weeks when we try new recipes for dinner almost every single night, and then there are weeks like a couple weeks ago when we just chug along with the usual tacos, spaghetti, etc. And hey! There’s nothing wrong with that, friends. 

Unless you’re a food blogger…

Then you’ve doomed your blog for a week of what some would see as complete “laziness” at work. Yes, I know this is a business and income, but darn it. My house needed deep-Spring cleaning, I spent the week playing with my son and family, I got some much-needed pregnancy naps, I ignored social media for the most part, got all my work done for the music organization I volunteer my time for, got everything prepped and ready for my calling in Primary over 130+ children, babysat my niece and nephews for a couple straight days, took four bags of things out my door to donate, ran all my errands, prepped all the baby things we have ready for baby #2, started the last season of White Collar with Ryan, and made some fun cakes/cupcakes for a fashion photo shoot. Talk about laziness, right?! (thick sarcasm here, folks) I got so much done, people. It was amazing. I loathed the thought of sitting in front of a computer or screen for any reason. It was a nice break from the fun, but sometimes too-much-real-life-consuming, blogging life. 

Somehow I still found myself fighting the constant need to bake a new recipe, try a new dish alongside dinner, and add to my never-ending list of recipes to try for the blog. This means I really love what I do on here – I just needed to attend to, well, my life! But it’s back. I’m ready. My schedule is set, house is cleaned, and I’m ready to get back into the kitchen for some new (simple) recipes. So thanks for your patience last week – sometimes we bloggers need a minute to breathe, and a break enough to shut everything down for a while. It’s healthy, man. 

This recipe was one we’ve had a couple times, and I thought it might be too simple to share. But we keep coming back to it, keep loving it, and keep putting it on our menu rotation. So I guess that’s definitely a win for us, and hopefully for you! The ingredients are very simple: whole grain tortilla, chicken, pepper jack, avocado, and a little sprinkle of cilantro. Yep. That’s it. Grill them in all in a pan to warm that gooey cheese, and you have a lovely healthy easy wrap for dinner. We served this one alongside some mexican rice, and a bowl of fresh watermelon + strawberry slices (my favorite fruit combo). It was fresh and light, didn’t sit in our bellies forever, and using the rotisserie chicken was a triple win, in my book. Enjoy your week! See you back here real, soon, friends. 🙂 

Chicken Avocado Grilled Wrap

makes 4 servings


4 large whole grain tortillas

2 C shredded pepper jack cheese

4 C rotisserie chicken, shredded

2 ripe avocados, sliced

handful of chopped cilantro


1. On a grill pan, heat the pan over medium heat. Place a tortilla on the pan and sprinkle middle area with cheese. Top with chicken, avocado, and a little cilantro. Let cook until cheese is visibly melted, then carefully wrap one side of the tortilla over the fillings, fold over the sides, then fold over the last flap (like a burrito). Flip the entire wrap over so the opening flaps are down. Cook for 3 minutes, until lovely grill marks appear and the fillings have been heated through. Serve warm with mexican rice and fresh fruit. 

recipe source: Baking with Blondie

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