A Little Christmas Cheer: A Giveaway

I thought I might give some small little items for my loyal readers, some who have been reading about me from 2008.  It’s been a wonderful journey and during the holidays, I’m always very thankful that I have a core readership, I have still have an ability to impact others, and I still finding cooking … Read more

Momento App Winners: My four winners!

I did a quick timed giveaway this time, and in that respect I also forgot to remind my winners basic rules regarding giveaways – namely, let me know how to email you the app. My winners… Lisa – counting down to KoreaYumMum – coutning down to kids’ holidayHJ – counting down to CaliforniaAnonymous – counting … Read more

Shrimp and Guacmole: GIVEAWAY

The awesome and generous folks at Skyhorse Publishing contacted me asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing a cookbook or two and offered to sponsor a giveaway of not one, not two, not three but FIVE copies of the cookbook Seafood: Specatcular Recipes for Every Season by Par-Andrews Bergqvist and Andres Engvall.   I excitedly … Read more

Matcha Tea Cake: Return to Buyer

Like the best creative moments which are built upon many disparate elements coming together to make something far more than the individual components, this tea cake is a product of many random occurrences.  It started with my friend HL, from another city far away sending me a video of a cake making demonstration and pictures … Read more

The Dystopian Life in the Age of Covid-19

As a reader of books, I never loved dystopian literature.  I always found myself feeling very uncomfortable and at odds with what happened in the book. Whenever the normal life in books veered off into a twisted form of reality, my guts and insides convulsed with the plot  When firemen burned books Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit … Read more