Spicy Stir-fried Tempe Pete Recipe Effectively Increases Appetite

Not only luxurious and expensive food, you know, can increase your appetite, even simple home-style dishes can increase your appetite. One example is the recipe for stir-fried spicy tempeh petai which is super delicious. This home-style dish is very simple, the ingredients can be found cheaply in the market, but its properties to increase appetite … Read more

Savory and Crispy Flour Fried Tempeh Recipe, Suitable As A Snack Or Side Dish

One of the original Indonesian specialties that can be processed into a variety of processed foods is tempeh. This time, we will try to be creative with a savory and crunchy fried tempeh recipe. This simple recipe is perfect for serving either as a side dish alongside various other side dishes or chili sauce and … Read more