Soto Medan recipe is amazingly delicious

Medan Soto Recipe real beef. when the beautiful morning light is suitable when accompanied by this dish, and even then if we know how to make it, if not, just buy it so that you can still enjoy the typical food of the city. Just like popular food, this dish is also special when eaten … Read more

Delicious Original Coto Makassar Recipe

Coto Makassar Recipe Genuinely delicious and delicious. this is an illustration of how attractive this traditional food is, let’s find out how to make Mangkasara archipelago food like daeng tata. but before that you can also compare with typical Jakarta, namely Betawi Soto Recipe which is equally delicious. Coto Makassar Delicious, of course, everyone has … Read more

The Original Surabaya Sulung Soto Recipe

Eldest Soto Recipe Surabaya Original Delicious Spices. Typical Surabaya cuisine is almost the same as Madura with beef ingredients, this is how to make this soto dish. If you go to Surabaya or Madura, you will easily find a dish called Soto Eldest, somehow called that. This soup is yellowish in color because of the … Read more

Soto Kuning Bogor Recipe Delicious Tips

Bogor Yellow Soto Recipe Delicious Tips from the chef’s house. The article on how to make soto this time comes from Bogor, which has a distinctive yellow color and a savory taste. Soto is a soupy dish that has a meat-based ingredient. This food turns out to have a specialty from each region, today’s admin … Read more