Easy Delicious Beef Tail Soup Recipe

Beef Oxtail Soup Recipeeasy and delicious too. Vegetables mixed with beef are certainly fresh, so the soup is a good ingredient, the tail is the part of the beef that we often use to make soup, maybe this part is the most delicious. Oxtail soup You could say it’s a good dish, why?, because the … Read more

Special Original Betawi Goat Soup Recipe

Goat Soup Recipe The original special Betawi is also delicious. The formula for how to make Betawi-style mutton soup, yess. This is quite a unique culinary dish in our Indonesia, each region has its own characteristics regarding cuisine, including goat soup, RECIPES4 see many recipes for this soup the variety, not to mention the different … Read more

Ribs Soup Recipe – Recipe 4

Ribs Soup Recipe special beef. A well-known dish, there is a secret to how to make this food delicious. For those who don’t know how to cook soup, go here. Besides that, beef ribs are quite expensive, as a result, very few want to cook their own soup, because it is not necessarily tender and … Read more

Beef Foot Kikil Soup with Clear Soup

Beef Foot Kikil Soup Recipe Bening gravy for breaking the fast / sahur is very suitable because it will arouse your taste buds, especially if this soup is hot. Recipe4. This time it’s a bit different, the admin is trying to raise about Beef Foot Kikil Soup (kikil = Kaki), who actually wants to make … Read more

Delicious Medan Goat Soup Recipe

Medan Goat Soup Recipe Delicious translated as Medan Goat Soup is a North Sumatran food that is quite tasty and somewhat different, curious to know how to make this soup?. Some people may ask what is the difference between mutton and lamb. Goat is one of the popular sources of meat to be used in … Read more

Yummy and Savory Chicken Claw Soup Recipe

Chicken Feet Soup Recipe Delicious and tasty vegetable dishes for all people. Soup, soup or soup is almost the same way of making it. The difference in taste is of course the main ingredient, chicken claw!. Indeed, not everyone likes claws or chicken claws, but for some people really like them, the most delicious or … Read more