Practical Spicy Sambal Grilled Fish Recipe

Grilled Fish Recipe Practical Spicy Sambal without soy sauce. This typical archipelago cuisine is very good to try with garlic, red and cayenne pepper as the spicy sauce. One of the Indonesian dishes favored by many people is grilled fish. You often find this food in various famous restaurants to street vendors. Each region has … Read more

Recipe for how to make delicious woku pot fish

Woku Pot Fish Recipe Delicious. For those of you who have this marine animal, maybe this Manadonese dish will be a favorite in the family, with a delicious and savory taste that makes our tongues don’t stop chewing and swaying. The menu of the Manadonese woku belanga is indeed very diverse and many people are … Read more

Squid Soy Sauce Recipe – Recipe 4

Squid Soy Sauce Recipe sweet dry. It’s easy to make this dish, with complete spices, it’s definitely delicious & tasty, guaranteed not to be complicated, it can be practiced by anyone, including people who can cook. Recipes This one is quite a cheap menu, but it tastes really good, it can arouse your appetite and … Read more

Recipe for Making Capcay Seafood Special Sauce

Recipe for Making Capcay Seafood Thick special sauce. There are several ways to process capcai vegetables with all kinds of vegetables in them, apart from dry frying, capcay seafood can also be in soup. Capcay or cap cai is Cook Originally from China, we must make this healthy menu because it contains a variety of … Read more

Balado Shrimp Recipe – Recipe 4

Balado Shrimp Recipe Padang is spicy but delicious. This seafood dish has a lot of fans, how do you cook this shrimp?, Oh, yes, shrimp is not suitable for those who have allergies, Balado itself is typical of the field, food Balado prawns popularized by them. Recipes This simple shrimp ingredient can be used as … Read more

Simple Tilapia Pesmol Recipe

Tilapia Fish Pesmol Recipe Delicious Simple. What kind of fish can Pesmol make?, Let’s see how to make or process it, like mujair, pomfret, tuna, catfish, tuna, all of them can even be delicious. Cook Fish Pesmol is a typical Sundanese food, which of course is made from fish as the main ingredient but can … Read more