Spinach Vegetable Recipe for ALL of you

Spinach Vegetable Recipe Make all of you with clear gravy. If you are bored with meat dishes, try different cooking methods, such as vegetables, because they are very good for the body as well as fiber. Cooking spinach is certainly an easy thing to do, because the spinach ingredients don’t have too many variations of … Read more

Recipe for Stir-fried Kangkung Terasi MANTAB

Stir-fried Kangkung Recipe Simple spice paste. Let’s cook kale, don’t you know?, how easy is it to make it, just cook it, don’t bother. Simple and healthy sauteed kale is often a common choice of dishes served by some mothers. Even a short manufacturing system does not take away the delicious taste of this dish. … Read more

Complete Medan Vegetable Lontong Recipe

Medan Vegetable Lontong Recipe Complete Complete is very tasty. Various kinds of Indonesian cuisine are delicious, see how to make this typical North Sumatran vegetable lontong, usually it’s very fitting during Eid / Eid later. With a unique taste, the taste of this lontong dish is very tasty, so it is very liked by the … Read more

Betawi Menu Besan Vegetable Recipe

Besan Vegetable Recipe Rare Betawi Menu. For Betawi people, this vegetable is very special, because it is a mandatory menu that is served during a wedding, aka besanan. Vegetable besan is a dish with coconut milk with the contents of terubuk, potatoes, vermicelli, petai, and ebi. Terubuk itself is a plant that is already rare. … Read more

Curry Flavored Young Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe

Jackfruit Vegetable Recipe Young with Curry Flavor. Young fruit such as jackfruit / jackfruit can be made with yellow curry vegetables, it tastes delicious and delicious, that’s right, just look for this recipe. 3 days ago when the RECEP4 admin went to you, the admin was very happy when he was offered young jackfruit. hmm … Read more

Simple Delicious Special Capcay Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Capcay Sauce Special Cap Cai Delicious Simple because there are vegetables. you can fry it!!!, but RECIPE 4 this time is how to make Chinese food capcay which is given gravy, the ingredients are according to your taste / readers only have meatballs / seafood jebrusin. it’s really delicious (cap cai) capcay with … Read more

Delicious Fried Capcay Recipe – Recipes 4

Fried Capcay Recipe Tasty is quite simple. Special tips RECIPES 4 how to make fried cap cai so delicious, without sauce or dry and comfortable. If admin imagine cooking Fried capcay This is very beautiful, consisting of various colorful vegetables (ten vegetables should be), call it red, yellow, green and orange. The main vegetable ingredients … Read more

Cassava Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe

Papaya Leaf Buntil Recipe Delicious Cassava. who created the first buntil food?, no one knows, if how to make puff pastry, many already know, including RECEP4 Blog Simple Recipes this.Papaya Leaf Buntil this time the admin took it as an experimental material, if you search for it on google, most of them lead to typical … Read more

Javanese Asem Vegetable Recipe – Recipe 4

Javanese Sour Vegetable Recipe Easy but delicious. Who doesn’t know vegetable tamarind??, this one dish is predicted to be the vegetable of a million people, the way to make it is very practical. This is the most favorite food, I didn’t miss it, I also recorded it in the group Recipes this website. Javanese tamarind … Read more

Coconut Spice Vegetable Urap Recipe

Vegetable Urap Recipe use Coconut Seasoning. Let’s see how to make this dish with raw Javanese vegetables, especially if you add spicy chili sauce, it’s really delicious, and even then for those who like spicy, don’t be afraid, it’s very simple to make.Coconut fruit is always present in Indonesian cuisine, starting from coconut milk, coconut … Read more