Hits and Current Fresh Fruit Ice Recipes for Families, Let’s Try It!

Afternoon with hot air, it’s nice to drink something fresh. One of the fresh drinks that really must be drunk during the day when the air is hot is fresh fruit ice. You don’t have to buy it, you can also follow the recipe for fresh fruit ice and make your own fresh ice for … Read more

Betawi’s Typical Ice Shawl Mayang Recipe

Ice Shawl Mayang Recipe typical Betawi Original. Drinks to refresh your thirst on a hot day with a splash of brown sugar plus cold ice cubes, the pretty color is quite exciting. This time the Recipe4 admin will present drink recipes typical of the native Betawi which is almost extinct. Es means ice, Selendang means … Read more

Ijo Banana Ice Recipe – Recipe 4

Ijo Banana Ice Recipe / Makassar green is the best. when compared to es teler, mix, doger, this method of making ice is the most artistic. green banana ice / Green is one of the specialty drinks from South Sulawesi Makassar so very interested in drinks & suitable to try. And maybe you are wondering … Read more

Cincau Cappuccino Ice Recipe wow Fresh

Cappuccino Cincau Ice Recipe wow Fresh is in every city. This fresh iced drink makes you drool, Capucino ice mixed with black grass jelly, want to know how to make it?, please come in here.Throat dry because of thirst? Beware of dehydration, hurry up and drink anything to be fresh. Now, the trend is again … Read more

Fresh Special Ice Teler Recipe

Ice Teler Recipe Fresh Specials are solid. If you’re thirsty, drinking mixed ice water will be delicious, especially if you know how to make it yourself, okay, let’s learn together. There are lots of drinks in Indonesia, both those sold on the side of the road to those with luxurious and large buildings, even though … Read more