Two Versions of Korean Halal Jjangmyeon Recipe [Original dan Shirataki]

What is jjangmyeon? Jjangmyeon is a typical Korean noodle dish with a characteristic black soybean paste sauce. Jjang means fried sauce and myeon means noodles. The more popular this dish is, the more sought after are Korean halal jjangmyeon recipes. Especially for Indonesian citizens who are still unsure whether there is pork in the jjangmyeon … Read more

How to Make Carbonara Noodles and Ingredients, Fancy Noodle Recipes Easy to Make

Recently, carbonara noodles have become increasingly viral since they were posted and created by the late Edelenyi Laura Anna, a celebrity and Tiktoker with a beautiful face. Many people drool over it, and many people even sell it too. Then actually how to make carbonara noodles is it difficult? It’s not difficult. How to make … Read more