Trenggalek Typical Lodho Recipes

Trenggalek, a city in the province of East Java which was once famous for the city of Gaplek, has quite a number of culinary tours that you can enjoy. One of the legendary culinary tours from the famous Trenggalek is lodho. Want to know Trenggalek’s Lodho recipe? For those of you who might not be … Read more

Simple Eid Mubarak Recipes for Entertaining Guests

Apart from being synonymous with cooking opor and vegetable ketupat, Eid al-Fitr is also synonymous with hospitality activities. Each host whose residence is visited will usually not only serve various cakes, but also present various Eid recipes. You don’t have to present a variety of complicated Eid recipes, serving simple Eid recipes can also be … Read more

Simple Recipes for Sahur, Delicious and Fast Cooking Check Here!

One of the things that is often a concern for housewives when preparing sahur dishes is time. Because of that, simple cooking recipes for sahur will definitely be needed by housewives. By cooking simple dishes, housewives, of course, don’t take too long to prepare food. Especially if you happen to be late so that by … Read more