Soft and Delicious Beef Steak Recipe

What is steak? So steak is Indonesian steak. Steak is a typical Indonesian dish that can be made with beef or chicken. Well, this time we will share a recipe for beefsteak so the ingredients use beef. However, for the record, so that the result is tender, make sure you process the beef properly and … Read more

Padang Meat Rendang Recipe, Padang Recipes that are second to none

If you are a processed meat lover, this Padang beef rendang recipe will certainly be a recipe that you really like. The delicious taste of the perfect blend of spices, the texture of tender meat and the processing method that takes time and patience will be the perfect blend that serves up a delicious plate … Read more

Recipe for Goat Tongseng Without Coconut Milk, Simple and Healthy Must Try!

Want to eat goat tongseng but abstain from coconut milk? Eits, calm down moms! Now there is a recipe for goat tongseng without coconut milk that you can try at home. If your family members happen to be lovers of processed goat but are abstaining from consuming coconut milk even though people who abstain from … Read more

Fried Ati Sambal Recipe – Recipe 4

Ati’s Fried Sambal Recipe / beef liver with petai with dry potatoes. This Eid special food, if you want to know how to make or make it, come here. It’s incomplete if the Eid al-Fitr holiday doesn’t have a sambal on this one menu, besides being spicy, savory, beef liver can go anywhere, whether you … Read more

Dried Beef Jerky Recipe – Recipe 4

Dried Beef Jerky Recipe delicious crispy. Beef jerky seems familiar, but it turns out that there are dry and wet ones. Here, we will reveal the secret of how to make it crisp, because it seems that many people like the dry texture. Recipes This one is quite simple too and did you know that … Read more

Goat Fried Recipe for Betawi Cuisine

Goat Fried Recipe Authentic Betawi cuisine is almost extinct. Another creation of delicious taste, Nich, how to make a typical Jakarta dish from goat meat. The inspiration this time is how to process different goat meat, cooking this dish is quite simple, from the name, don’t be fooled, this dish is not in the form … Read more

Padang Goat Goat Curry Recipe

Goat Meat Curry Recipe Padang is a delicious dish. 1 more typical West Sumatran cuisine with goat as the basic ingredients, let’s take a peek at how to make it, it’s definitely practical and delicious. One more way of processing that you should try at home, even though there was one before Goat Curry from … Read more

Original Madura Goat Sate Recipe Tender Loh

Madura Goat Satay Recipe Original Soft, complete with how to make peanut sauce. guaranteed that anyone will get odorless meat, if you follow our tips if dr. Madurese-style goat satay is indeed very popular with the Indonesian people, it is proven that there are lots of satay shops selling on the side of the road … Read more