Simple Eid Mubarak Recipes for Entertaining Guests

Apart from being synonymous with cooking opor and vegetable ketupat, Eid al-Fitr is also synonymous with hospitality activities. Each host whose residence is visited will usually not only serve various cakes, but also present various Eid recipes. You don’t have to present a variety of complicated Eid recipes, serving simple Eid recipes can also be … Read more

Menu Recipes for Iftar for Diets that Must Be Served

Some people lose weight while fasting, while others gain weight while fasting. The recipe for the iftar menu for dieting is information that is ultimately sought after to find a recipe that is suitable for supporting a diet program when fasting. So, what causes many people to complain about gaining weight during fasting? There are … Read more

Recipes for breaking the fast are healthy and delicious from fruit

One of the menus that need to be prepared at breaking time is takjil. You can provide any takjil as long as it’s important not to contain too much sugar and if you can find a healthy takjil to consume. For those of you who are looking for healthy takjil, this recipe for breaking the … Read more

Healthy Breaking Fasting Recipes, Various Processed Special Vegetables

Eating a variety of processed vegetables is one of the most suitable healthy iftar recipe ideas. By consuming processed vegetables, nutrition at breaking time will be obtained with good quality. So, what are the recommended healthy iftar recipes? On this occasion, we will share complete information and inspiration for you regarding this recipe. Let’s check … Read more

Simple Iftar Recipes, Only 5 Minutes!

Housewives who are also working mothers so don’t have enough time to be creative with various foods in the kitchen? Calm! Even though you are preparing iftar food, you can still cook it yourself with this simple iftar recipe. Yep, this recipe is not a recipe that is difficult to try or follow. The ingredients … Read more

Recipe for Pancakes, Traditional Cake Menu Used to Welcome Ramadhan

If you people Java and are about to welcome Ramadan, maybe you are no stranger to the joint prayer event to welcome the month of Ramadan which usually serves pancakes as one of the dishes. Then, what is the pancake recipe like? Well, for those of you who are curious about the pancakes that are … Read more

Delicious and Fresh Fruit Ice Takjil Recipes for Breaking the Fast

Recipe for delicious and fresh fruit ice takjil can be one of the best recipe creations for you to serve to your beloved family at the moment of breaking the fast. There are quite a lot of ideas that you can create in serving fruit takjil menus. That way, making daily fruit ice takjil can … Read more

Takjil Recipes for Iftar, Simple But Special

Something special doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. Making takjil recipes for special iftar can also be served from simple ingredients. There are quite a number of ideas and creations that can be an option for making takjil iftar for your beloved family at home, and on this occasion we will share complete and … Read more