Trenggalek Typical Lodho Recipes

Trenggalek, a city in the province of East Java which was once famous for the city of Gaplek, has quite a number of culinary tours that you can enjoy. One of the legendary culinary tours from the famous Trenggalek is lodho. Want to know Trenggalek’s Lodho recipe? For those of you who might not be … Read more

Homemade geprek chicken recipe is simple and easy to make

Love spicy food? For those of you who love spicy food, one of the recipes that you must try at home is the homemade geprek chicken recipe which is guaranteed to be delicious, simple and easy to make. There’s no need to be complicated or take too long to make this recipe, so anyone can … Read more

Spicy Seraki Chicken Recipe from Banten

Seraki Chicken Recipe Special spicy from Banten. dishes that are less popular throughout Indonesia, but in the area where they are liked, the way to make it is so easy, as long as the spices and ingredients are complete, they will be delicious. A traditional dish that has been passed down from generation to generation … Read more

Delicious Sweet and Sour Chicken Fillet Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken Fillet Recipe Delicious you must try. please really try to make it like this because it will taste very good and delicious, the crispy crunch is still felt but the spice is still tasted. Sweet and Sour Chicken Fillet is a dish that is quite unique, boneless chicken, aka only meat, … Read more

Recipe How to Make Coconut Milk Soto

Coconut Milk Soto Recipe Tasty. I hope that this discussion will please the readers of the special delicious Soto Kuah in order to satisfy loyal readers wherever they are. With a delicious sauce made of coconut milk and tender chicken meat, this dish is very popular, especially in the Central Java area, in addition to … Read more

Simple Tasty Timlo Solo Recipe BNR

Timlo Solo Recipe Delicious Simple but original. Indonesian traditional specialties by making an easy way are very popular, especially Mr. Sastro’s, don’t ask again, for that recipe4 feels the need to peel about this food. In solo, there are many who sell timlo rice, be it in street vendors or more modern stalls. actually what … Read more

Jakarta Fried Chicken Recipe TOOP

Jakarta Fried Chicken Recipe good taste. Even with ordinary spices, chicken ingredients will always be delicious, so how to make this Betawi style should not be underestimated by anyone, and hopefully it will become your favorite at home to cook every day. Cooking fried chicken crispy is normal, and it belongs to the western tradition, … Read more

Recipe How to Make 100% Dates Chicken

Chicken Dates Recipe which is tasty and delicious. maybe one of the unique dishes you need to try how to make it, so that it is different and so that you don’t get bored of eating the same preparations. Chicken meat is cooked or mixed with dates / korma, what happens? maybe this is one … Read more

Delicious Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe

Crispy Fried Chicken Recipe Yummy Curly Crispy. KFC Fried Chicken-style deep-fried fillet is very popular with savory seasoning with crispy crunchy texture. Crispy, juicy & rich in flavour, This recipe is one of our favorites to make fried chicken super crispy and crunchy. To fry Crispy Fried Chicken there is a secret; The right temperature … Read more

Recipe for Garang Asem Chicken TOP

Garang Asem Recipe We will meet chicken meat in Pekalongan Kudus Solo, Semarang. So, is the method of making this dish the same from every region?, which is definitely delicious. Okay, let’s check together how to process Garang Asem and serves our traditional Javanese culinary specialties, which are made from chicken, although fish can actually … Read more