Rice Pudding (Gluten and dairy free): No resolutions this new year

When I was younger, Mom and Dad would ask Brothers and me every December 31, “What are your resolutions for the coming year?”  I’d stare at Parents blankly, because mostly I couldn’t think of anything.  Usually I’d mumble something like, “My resolutions are to study harder and practice piano more.”  What else was there to … Read more

Quinoa Apple Blackberry Crumble (Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free): New challenges

For SPK, LK, SS, HC I’m currently surrounded by friends who are experiencing a number of health problems deriving from gluten and wheat intolerance.  Although this isn’t one of the allergy problems in our home (THANK GOODNESS) the struggles of those closest to me who suffer from excruciating stomach aches and overall lack of feeling … Read more