Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting: How sweet should life be?

I love this quote by Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma and Food Rules);  he writes,“There is nothing wrong with special occasion foods, as long as every day is not a special occasion…Special occasion foods offer some of the great pleasures of life, so we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of them, but the sense of occasion needs to be … Read more

Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars: When predictable suddenly isn’t

After surviving and dealing with Daughters who have gone through wiggly teeth and baby teeth loss for the past 4 years, I was surprised to find myself surprised about Son’s wiggly tooth.  I think my surprise came from my general thinking that Son is more of a baby than he really is.  When he announced … Read more

Chocolate Yogurt Cake: On my bike

At the beginning of the summer, I began the hunt for the bike of my dreams.  After 6 years of chasing my slow-moving-bicycle-riding children, I began to realize that perhaps having a bike of my own would be advantageous.  I told Husband my desire, and after a brief pause, he suggested that I begin looking … Read more

Chocolate Chip Banana Chip Cookies: Virtual Food Fight

Today marks two full weeks of California’s shelter-in-place order.  And in comparison to many others in California who have encountered major struggles in conjunction with complying with the order, I have had it relatively easy.  Our home is comfortable and spacious enough to hold two working-from-home adults and three teenagers kids in distance learning, and … Read more