Homemade Kupat Tofu Recipe

Tofu Kupat Recipe typical banyumas home cooking. You can compete with Singapore, solo, Padalarang, this is how to make food that is sprinkled with peanut sauce that is delicious as well as tasty, you have to try cooking it yourself in the kitchen. Readers are no strangers to kupat food, do you know? If you … Read more

Recipe for how to make gile tempeh cakes

Tempeh Cake Recipe Coriander is delicious. With this spice guaranteed to be savory and delicious, other preparations than usual, cooking the nyapun is very simple, you can mix it with other ingredients if you really have the ingredients. This dish is usually when the Javanese say mendol, but let us all call it cakes in … Read more

21 Practically Simple Everyday Recipes

21 Recipes Practical Simple Everyday For all of us, it can be used as a 1 month menu. Here are provided preparations from all over Indonesia from Java and Sunda as a recommendation and inspiration for your family complete with how to make it. With this guide to 21 menus of practical recipes, you can … Read more

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi

Recipe for how to make Uli betawi from Ketan. Who hasn’t tried this typical Jakarta dish? Well, I’m sorry, it’s worth a try, how about making your own?, it’s not that hard bro. One more admin wants to bring up the typical food of native Jakartans, this is a gift from their ancestors besides egg … Read more

Recipe How to Make Easy Fried Gyoza

Recipe How to Make Fried Gyoza Easy original Japanese. the snack is almost like dumplings with the skin on, some are steamed, you use shrimp or chicken, how do you make it?, let’s read it together. This authentic Japanese cuisine is indeed less familiar to those who live in small towns, as well dorayaki cake, … Read more

Practical Tempe Bacem Recipe – Recipes 4

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Dried Macaroni Seblak Recipe – Recipe 4

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Recipe for Special Wet Cracker Seblak Soup

Seblak Kuah Recipe Wet Simple Special Crackers. For those who are passionate about Bandung cuisine, there is a way to make original food from the Flower City, it’s really delicious, come here. You guys definitely like spicy food, especially teenagers. Especially when the weather is hot, the special delicious food is delicious. how about we … Read more

Recipe for Fried Tofu Spicy Sambal Hmmm

Sambal Petis Recipe Fried Tofu that has a good taste. Hmmmm. It’s spicy, of course, the name is sambal, here’s how to make a thick color sauce, as a complement to the crispy fried tofu. We know several kinds of traditional Indonesian sambal, for example, Chili shrimp paste, chili sauce, greens, sambal petis and many … Read more