Caesar Salad: Life in 15 minutes

To my fearless moms-friends who work around their 15 minutes like the pros they are; you’re awesome. I think that a lot of parents will relate to the following statement about living with children: life gets measured in 15 minute increments. I find myself planning my life in 15 minute moments of activity and inactivity. … Read more

Pesto Chicken Alfredo French Bread Pizza

Well, folks, I’m 100% happy to report that thanks to my husband’s government job, we have him home today! Yay Presidents Day!! (We love history and the presidents, which is why we intend on using another favorite president’s name as our second son’s middle name – just like our first!)  President’s Day also means our … Read more

Croissant French Toast

We are a firm believer in brinner. Usually once a week, one of our dinners is planned out to be omelets, pancakes, a breakfast casserole, or french toast. French toast is definitely one that we come back to very often – mostly because we almost always have all the ingredients for it (bread, eggs, milk, … Read more