Maple Bacon: Simple changes

The other day, I got a notice taped to the side of my house which read, “Free TV pick up, Thursday March 28” and I was very excited.  Inside Children’s playroom sat a large, 17 year old TV, one of the big clunky heavy ones, that was basically unused and just hanging out.  The opportunity … Read more

Bacon Maple Mochi Cake – Ba-Ma-Chi Cake: Split personality

For the ever brilliant and hip KJ and JJ who suggested I try this combinationOf course when you have three kids, it’s easy to assume that they’ll share some characteristics and you’ll have to parent them more or less similarly.  The nitty gritty reality of parenting is that no two children are alike, and often … Read more

Creamy Chicken and Asparagus with Whole Grain Pasta and Bacon

Today we’re just keeping things simple with something you can make in under 40 minutes for dinner during the crazy work week (or even this weekend for a special Valentine’s Day “in.” It stars something that I think screams springtime: fresh bright green asparagus! It’s just gorgeous, and plays together so well with the crispy … Read more

Berry Spinach Salad with Strawberry Lime Vinaigrette

Happy Monday, lovelies! I thought we could start off the week fresh with a bright, bold, and beautiful salad. We love to eat salads year-round, but I feel like spring and summer is when we get the best ingredients for salads like this one. This is one of my favorite salads on the planet. We … Read more

BLT Egg Salad Sandwich

We are HUGE fans of the classic BLT sandwich. Each week we have a sandwich night, and BLT’s are definitely our go-to. Lately, though, we’ve been having just simple egg-salad sandwiches instead. It’s easy, simple, and takes almost no effort to throw between a couple slices of bread. So one night, we decided it would … Read more