Tuna Appetizer Recipe

Tuna Appetizer Recipe – Spicy Ahi Tuna Avocado Tartare Bites are easy to make for a healthy delicious appetizer with all the flavors of a spicy tuna roll served on tortilla chips. Perfect for parties and holidays. This is a great recipe to use up bits and pieces of fresh sushi-grade tuna. When I made my … Read more

What Is The Best Appetizer Recipe Ever

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Best Appetizer Recipe

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Artichoke Appetizer Recipe

Artichoke Appetizer Recipe – Once you learn a few easy techniques for cleaning and prepping artichokes, you’ll be making this roasted artichoke recipe forever! I always have jars of pickled artichoke hearts in my pantry. They’re handy and can add something special to your pasta, salads, or even egg casseroles. Artichoke Appetizer Recipe Artichokes are … Read more

Tasty Appetizer Recipe

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Eggplant Appetizer Recipe

Eggplant Appetizer Recipe – Caponata is a delicious Italian appetizer! Eggplant and Mediterranean vegetables make a spicy garlic spread that’s perfect on crusty bread. Here’s a new appetizer that we’re head over heels with: caponata! What is caponata, you ask? This Sicilian specialty is an appetizer and a side dish, essentially a sweet and sour … Read more

Christmas Party Appetizer Recipe

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Burrata Appetizer Recipe

Burrata Appetizer Recipe – You’ll love this easy burrata appetizer, layered with sticky tomato jam and fresh basil pesto. Serve with crostini for the ultimate dip or spread at your next party or holiday get-together. You’ll love how easy it is to make and your guests will love the delicious combination of fresh flavors and … Read more

Cucumber Appetizer Recipe

Cucumber Appetizer Recipe – Light and healthy cucumber appetizers combine spicy creamy buffalo chicken with fresh cucumber slices. This is an easy, crowd-pleasing vegetarian meal that’s perfect for holidays, game days, and parties. Anything buffalo chicken is usually a huge hit, just try the healthy buffalo chicken dip, so I knew if I paired the … Read more

Lobster Appetizer Recipe

Lobster Appetizer Recipe – Top your favorite Idaho® potatoes with lobster and saffron aioli for a special holiday appetizer! Salty, crispy, thick-cut fries are a solid base for buttery soft lobster tails. Topped with a tangy saffron aioli and chives, it’s an elegant snack for any party. This post is sponsored by Idaho® Potatoes. All … Read more